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Mar 17, 2014

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Open Position in Varna

Senior Customer Care Adviser First Online Solutions company is looking for a person who believes in and his/her experience can prove us that the most important for serving a customer is the service to be not just the best but legendary. If you are passionate about building customer rapport and loyalty and you know how to do it then we give you the chance to do it today! Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Manage on-going customer relationships to ensure service levels are exceeded driving high levels of customer satisfaction Mentoring the Customer Care Department how to create experience that our customers not just love but would recommend to their friends Training our teams how to show an impressive, positive, ready-to-help and caring approach to our customers Making sure that our teams treat our customers in a special way and always not just make them happy but also exceed customers expectations Create and update customer support material, including users’ manuals and training guides Collaborate with internal departments to escalate major service issues and ensure each is properly addressed Use and grow the support knowledge base to share knowledge collectively with the team and other departments in the company Ensure database records are kept up to date and are accurate. Following up procedures and liaising with other departments Job Requirements: 3-year experience working on a customer service position Your native language is English Confident and clear communication skills Positive attitude, friendly and approachable nature Enjoys solving issues and feeling fulfilled by doing it Excellent time management and ability to prioritise Ability to take responsibility and make decisions Passion for taking care of customer satisfaction Enthusiastic and self-motivated Demonstrable selling skills are desirable Here's our promise for those of you who manage to impress us: Opportunities for developing your talent Professional experience in the field of customer service Regular communication with our international clients Remuneration package and individual awards Business trips Appreciation of your hard work Enjoying table football, table tennis, darts, play-station and massages in the office Incentives and social benefits package Please send your CV and cover letter – both in English, till 31.March.2014  (Mar 17, 2014 | post #1)