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May 27, 2012

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Brisbane, Australia

Png Fraudulent Travel Company - Life Time Experience Tours

Dear Readers of This forum, ItÂ’s very sad to see one or two unhappy clients posting their negative comments on this forum regarding Niugini Eco Tourism Services. We brought into PNG since our operation started in Feb 2010 nearly 300 clients and we have large number of confirmed bookings for 2012 which will increase that number to 400. I can assure everyone that 99% of these clients have left PNG very well satisfied. For any intending client/s out there who want to travel PNG through our company, please contact us directly and we will provide you email contacts from former clients who consented to be contacted for by interesting clients who want to use our service. Furthermore you can also contact the marketing department of PNG Tourism Promotions Authority (www.pngtourism.or regarding our services and the feedback they receive so far from past clients regarding our level of services. I also want to tell those people who portray me as a criminal that I am not a criminal. I have never defrauded anyone any money. I have cleared all my past clientele debts of over US$17,000 in 2010 before I started the current business. The incident that happened to my former now defunct company (PNG Holidays) in 2006 was a very unfortunate medical complication that confined me to intensive hospitalisation and medication at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane for 6 months. During this time of illness that I was not well enough to attend to business personally and my clients did not get the services they were paid for. After well over four years I came well (good) with settling over US$17,000 in debts. Everywhere in the world there are fraudulent activities that are happening in which tourists are robbed their hard-earned money without even recouping a single dime. In my case, I never intended to rob anyone and this is clearly indicated by me settling every single cent even though it took me four years. For confirmation of all the above facts independently, you can contact the office of PNGTPA and get confirmation directly from Mr. Vincent or one of his staff regarding the settlement of all my clients debts. I have also with me a medical report from Associate Professor of Medicine Dr. Joseph McCormack of Mater Hospital in Brisbane regarding my illness in May 2006 to Oct 2006 which confined me to hospitalisation and medication. I will produce this report to any genuine clientele queries to substantiate the facts I have stated above. Thank you, Ben Nikints Managing Director  (May 27, 2012 | post #10)