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Nov 9, 2007

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Hingham, MA

T safety warning: Keep off the tracks

This is news? Keep off railroad tracks? Even people that don't live near tracks should know better. The key is to teach our children to stay away from the tracks. Any adult that gets hit while on the tracks is evidence that Darwin was right.  (Nov 14, 2007 | post #2)

Hingham, MA

Greenbush Weymouth / there goes the neighborhood

Patriot: Did you really intend to use the red line extension into Quincy as a negative? The red line was the best thing that ever happened to Quincy. Without the red line, Quincy's downtown would not be as vibrant as it is now, and all of the office development in north and central Quincy would never have happened, at least not on the present scale. The Greenbush line will also be an economic boon for the affected towns once everyone gets used to it. I drive by several of the crossings every day, and if there is some graffiti on the equipment boxes (which were painted green at additional expense in order to make them less obtrusive) it is not very noticeable.  (Nov 14, 2007 | post #5)

Hingham, MA

Driver Nearly Hit By Greenbush Line In Hingham

Every adult driver should know that if the lights are flashing, and the bells are ringing, you don't go through the crossing, even if the gates are up. That said, it is clear the MBTA rushed the Greenbush line into service, and should correct the problems. This is not the only time the crossing gates have partially malfunctioned in Hingham.  (Nov 9, 2007 | post #1)

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Hingham, MA