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Apr 1, 2010

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Scott County, TN

What's Wrong with Scott County?

I've been scanning various forums on Topix recently, different ones from different states and communities, and I came across this one. I find it fascinating! Of all the towns and counties in the United States, I think that Scott County wins as the most stupid, small-minded, foolish, and petty forum around. And if forums are a true gauge of an area's people, all those qualities will also apply the the People of Scott County. And I wonder...why are people in Scott County like this? I've tried to come up with some reasons, but all have failed in comparison to other towns and places: 1. Scott County is a Poor County: No, there are many poorer counties, especially in the Deep South and Midwest, where the people are far more intelligent and broad-minded. 2. Scott County lacks Racial Diversity: While this is true, Scott County is no worse off in this respect than many Midwestern, Alaskan, and Northern communities, and I have never seen the blatant, stupid racism on their forums that I see here. 3. Scott County is badly affected by Hard Drugs: Just looking at the numbers, Scott County is not as bad as most Southwestern areas, and their forums seem progressive enough. 4. A Combination of the above Factors: Still, Scott County would rank far behind, for example, nearly all Interior Alaskan villages, which are some of the poorest, most isolated, and alcohol and drug ridden areas of the nation. Or many SouthWestern counties, such as Quay County, NM, which has nearly the same percentage of people living below the poverty level, and a far, far worse drug problem. Yet, according to what one can read on the forums, they are not stupid people. Of course, every forum has it trivialities, but Scott County seemed to be all about them. Now, I'm making all of these assumptions about the people of Scott County from thousands of miles away, judging them based upon what they type into a computer keyboard. I leave it up to the people to tell me if it is a true and accurate portrayal of themselves, and tell me why that is!  (May 1, 2010 | post #1)

Ketchikan, AK

"The Marriage of Figaro" at Sitka; Initial Reviews?

I'm just looking for comments from anyone who has seen the opera!  (May 1, 2010 | post #1)