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Nov 5, 2012

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International BP Madrid Holdings

Very pleasant site, I just came to know of it yesterday morning. Bookmarked this and also feel upon it.  (Feb 10, 2013 | post #2)

International BP Madrid Holdings

Spanish PM publishes tax returns amid kickbacks scandal http://www.reuters .com/article/2013/ 02/09/us-spain-cor ruption-idUSBRE918 05Q20130209 (Reuters) - Spain's prime minister published his tax returns on Saturday in a bid to quell reports he and other conservative politicians received secret cash payments but the opposition said many questions remain unanswered. The government's website posted tax authority documents detailing Mariano Rajoy's income and tax payments from the past ten years. His ruling People's Party (PP) also revealed four years of financial accounts on Friday, in another attempt to put the matter to rest. The scandal, centered on ledgers supposedly made by a former party treasurer, have cut support for the PP to the lowest level on record and pushed up borrowing costs just as it seemed Spain was getting to grips with a financial crisis that had raised questions about the future of the euro zone. Former PP treasurer Luis Barcenas has described as fake handwritten ledger entries published on January 31 by El Pais newspaper purporting to show payments funded by construction firms made to PP leaders including Rajoy. Rajoy has said the payments were not made and that the party is organizing an external audit into the affair. The opposition Socialists said the published accounts of Rajoy and the PP did nothing to explain the Barcenas papers. Socialist spokeswoman Soraya Rodriguez said Spaniards wanted more than Rajoy's tax records. "Spaniards are fed up of waiting for answers that never come," she told journalists in Valladolid on Saturday. Cayo Lara of the United Left party said the publication of the accounts was meaningless as members of parliament have to declare their assets in any case. The tax returns do not cover the first half of the period of entries in the ledgers published by El Pais, which run from 1990 to 2009. In the last year of detailed returns published, for 2011, Rajoy earned more 400,000 euros before tax. He paid 870,292 euros in tax over the period covered by the published accounts. His parliamentary salary was supplemented by investments in public debt and real estate, the government said. Support for the PP fell to 24 percent in a Metroscopia poll published on February 3, the lowest on record and barely more than half the support the party received when it won a landslide election victory in late 2011. Spain, the euro zone's fourth-largest economy, has been at the centre of concerns about the future of the euro currency and was pushed to the brink of following Greece, Ireland and Portugal in asking for an international bail-out. A pledge by the European Central Bank to act as a backstop for bets against peripheral euro zone countries has reduced borrowing costs, but Spain is still struggling with a deep recession and unemployment of 26 percent. The yield on Spain's 10-year government bonds rose to almost 5.5 percent on February 6, up from 5.2 percent on January 30, the day before El Pais published the alleged accounts. Fitch affirmed Spain's investment grade rating on Friday but warned that it could still downgrade the country's sovereign bonds in coming months on worries about the economy and public debt levels. ($1 = 0.7474 euros)  (Feb 10, 2013 | post #1)


Really appreciate your articles  (Dec 10, 2012 | post #2)

Work At Home Jobs: How to Avoid Getting Scammed-Wordpress

This great blog is what I am looking for my course.thanks then,  (Nov 16, 2012 | post #2)

Work At Home Jobs: How to Avoid Getting Scammed-Wordpress

http://markrushmor tag/bp-holding-tip s-and-article-prev ention-updates/ BP Holdings What to do so you don't get taken by common work at home job scams: Internet ScamBusters #62 Today we'll focus on Part 2 of our series on home-based business scams and work-at-home scams. If you missed Part 1 in last month's issue on the Top 10 scams of this type 10 Tips on Avoiding Work At Home and Home Based Business Scams 1. Never, NEVER pay for the chance to work!' This is the cardinal rule. You should treat working at home just like you would treat working for an employer at their place of business. If you were going for a job interview in the 'real world,' how would you react if the interviewer asked you to pay $50 or $100 to land the job, for starter materials, or for a 'good faith' payment to make sure you were serious about the business? You'd think it was absurd. No legitimate company charges employees a fee for a job. Whenever you're asked to pay for the chance at a job, or information about work-from-home jobs, you know it's a scam. Home-based businesses, on the other hand, may require start-up costs to cover investments, materials, franchises, or other items. As we state in the next step, check things out before you pay anything. 2. Check out the business before you pay anything.' Have you heard of the business that's soliciting your money? If not, check them out carefully. Make sure they have a physical address and a phone number. Call to see if it's a real phone number. Do a search on http://www.Google. com to see if you can find any positive or negative comments. Check references carefully. Some warning signs of scammer companies: They use free Web hosting services (such as Tripod or Geocities). They use free Web email services (such as Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail). They use Post Office boxes for mailings and don't disclose their real addresses. They won't give you a telephone number where you can contact them. 3. Use your credit card to make purchases.' This sounds counter-intuitive, but if you are going to buy a starter kit or make some investment relating to a home-based business, purchase using your credit card. That way, if you don't receive the items, or if things go wrong, you can dispute the charges with your credit card company. If you're unsure how to do this, speak to your credit card company *before* you make the purchase. 4. Research the market for the proposed business/work.' Every scammer will promise unlimited wealth and easy work. With a little virtual footwork, you can see whether you can make money doing this kind of business or work. If you're thinking of starting a medical billing practice, for example, call a few doctors and hospitals in your city or town and ask if there would be a market for your services. As we mentioned in the last issue, you may be surprised to discover just how limited the market really is. 5. Beware of vagueness and incredible claims.' Companies that don't state their names, costs, or other important information in their ads usually have a good reason to do so -- they're scammers. As well, be wary of claims that you can"make up to $1,000 a week" doing just a few hours' worth of unskilled work. Don't be blinded by greed. BP Holdings See More Videos: http://www.authors 5/BP-Holdings-Barc elona-Madrid-Spain / See More Articles: http://bp-holdings /wiki/BP_HOLDINGS_ Wiki http://www.quora.c om/Chloe-Anister/B P-Holdings-Barcelo na-Madrid-Spain  (Nov 16, 2012 | post #1)

Fondation BP pour faire un don de 500 000 $-Netlog, BP Ho...

the blog was absolutely fantastic! lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need!  (Nov 5, 2012 | post #3)

Fondation BP pour faire un don de 500 000 $-Netlog, BP Ho...

BP Holdings La Fondation BP, a annoncé aujourd'hui qu'elle fera un don de 500 000 $ à la Croix-Rouge américaine pour appuyer les efforts de secours de Sandy ouragan. Le don de 500 000 $ s'ajoute aux dons versés par le programme de rapprochement BP Fondation employé et aide les efforts de la Croix-rouge à fournir des repas, logement, vêtements, eau et soins médicaux. La Croix-Rouge a ouvert plus de 100 abris dans neuf États, notamment dans le New Jersey. Des fonctionnaires s'attendent à 250 000 à 500 000 repas par jour à New York.  (Nov 5, 2012 | post #1)