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Mar 20, 2014

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My exprience with Modi Builders

Me and one of my friends are doing job in the Ghatkesar area on the east side of Hyderabad. The commuting has been extremely inconvenient and it seemed especially more so when we realized that we will need to carry out our work-related duties from this location for nearly a year. For this reason, we both decided that we should just move to the east side and we would each invest in our own flats. If our jobs required that we should remain in Ghatkesar for a longer period of time then we would just stay there and if we got taken elsewhere then we would just sell our flats when the market for them was peaked. Immediately we began our search online for any newly developed housing projects and fortunately it wouldn't be long before we had learned about the new Sunshine Park venture of Modi Builders. Located at Ghatkesar town in a beautiful new residential center that is branded by Haryana Urban Development Authority or (HUDA), it truly is a living destination that you could discover your very own dream home in. The vicinity of Sunshine Park possesses all the necessary features and services such as grocery stores, theaters, the railway station and much more. In addition, it is attached to the Uppal-Warangal six lane highways around the Outer Ring Road and MMTS circuit. Modi Builders has been in operation for 35 years and after looking at their past credentials and testimonials, my friend and I got in contact with their personnel immediately who briefed us about their residential township. They were very professional and at the same time friendly too which actually convinced us to have a look at their flats. The Sunshine Park housing project consists of 184 superior homes and we were thrilled that we got to take a personalized tour of several flats, the building complex and the amazing facilities as well. The area and surroundings are absolutely incredible and we are now very proud to tell everyone that we are currently in the middle of the flat investment process. And it would be very comfortable and time saving for us while continuing our job at the same location.  (Mar 20, 2014 | post #1)