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Jun 23, 2011

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Safety Harbor, FL

Safety Harbor Driver Leaves the Scene of an Accident

Last evening I was hit by a Safety Harbor Resident. He was driving a older model hunter green Mercedes partial tag J38. Driver was young white male, approximately 18-19. A man approximately 50, was in the passenger seat. They looked similar and appeared to be father and son. I got out of my car- at the corner of McMullen Booth and Enterprise and approached their vehicle. Both replied, " What do you want me to do? So what?" I asked them to pull over ahead after the construction cones. I pulled off and waited. At first it appeared as if they would head East on Enterprise with me. In good faith, I proceeded to cross the intersection to avoid holding up all traffic. At the last second, they cut back into the turn lane to turn north onto McMullen Booth, nearly causing another accident. Seeing this, I made a u-turn on Enterprise and got in position to follow them north on McMullen. In seeing my maneuver, they veered out of the turn lane, nearly causing yet another accident and headed East on Enterprise while speeding by laughing. I am awaiting the police report to confirm address and names of the driver and car owner to seek collection for the $1000.00 in damage. Please respond if you recognize the car.  (Jun 23, 2011 | post #1)