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May 24, 2012

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Holistic Health

Nutritional Supplements and Mental Fitness

Researchers are striving to find new and more effective ways to help our body protect, repair and regenerate itself by stimulating its natural ability to renew cells and tissues and defend itself against diseases. Nutritional supplements play a vital role in living a healthy life. There are special supplementation formulas that are meant to help both our bodies and minds function optimally. As we age, many of us are especially concerned about keeping our mind as sharp as possible for a longer time. How Can You Preserve Your Mental Sharpness? Your mental sharpness depends on the balance of the bio chemicals in your brain. Nutrients are decisive for this balance. Aging decreases their bioavailability, and diet is no longer sufficient to provide the necessary intake. What are these vital nutrients? They include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other components that work in a synergic way. Quality nutritional supplements are based on a formula that includes the right proportion of molecules and compounds. Mental fitness plays an essential role in our life, as our work performance, well-being and happiness depend on it. What can you do to keep your mind fit, ensuring that it works at optimal parameters? Below you can find some tips on how to preserve and even improve your mental fitness. Exercise Your Brain Just like you need to exercise your body regularly, your mind needs regular workouts to maintain its sharpness. Exercise improves blood flow, bringing more oxygen to the brain, which increases mental performance. The Right Food for the Brain Together with our environment, the food we eat determines our health and disposition because nutrition and emotional life are connected. Our diet must include all of the necessary vital nutrients that give us energy to sustain our daily activities. They also produce hormones that influence our mood. For instance, chocolate is known to improve mood. This is because of the endorphins that are released in the brain when eating chocolate. Another extremely important neurotransmitter is serotonin. It is responsible for mood and appetite, among others. To function optimally, your brain needs several essential nutrients, such as fatty acids or Omega-3. Stimulate Your Brain Your brain activity depends on the number of neurons, which decreases with age. Evidence shows that cognitive decline can be slowed down by stimulating the brain, in other words by keeping your mind busy, you help it perform better. Intellectual curiosity and learning new things contribute to keeping you mentally fit. Sleep Tight to Stay Bright Rest is critical in maintaining mental fitness. Sleep is the best way to restore energy and heal both body and mind. If you have trouble sleeping, there are nutritional supplements that can help. Also, relaxation techniques, including meditation and stress management practices, can improve your overall mood and well-being. Quality Nutritional Supplements Exercise, nutrition, mental stimulation, and sleep are all critical elements for your health and mental fitness, but unfortunately they are not enough. To maintain your brain function and improve your health, it is advisable to take the right nutritional supplements that best serve your needs. For best results, consult your nutritionist before using any nutritional supplements, and be ready to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  (Sep 22, 2013 | post #1)

Holistic Health

Sea Energy PowerMax Liquid Nutrition Supplement

No stamina? Kickstart your engine with a detox program. Try Sea Energy PowerMax Liquid Nutrition Supplement for starters. http://seaenergypo wermaxliquidnutrit 013/08/start-your- detox-program-with -liquid.html  (Aug 2, 2013 | post #1)


Acne Q & A

This week we will be hosting a Q&A to help you understand acne, how to treat it, and what acne scar removal treatments work best. Q: Why is it called acne? A: It began as the Greek word acme, which means “high point”. The full name of the condition is Acne vulgaris. Q: What are the causes of acne? A: It begins in a hair follicle or pore. When it becomes blocked it gets irritated or infected and becomes acne. Hormones also cause acne by making skin extra-sensitive and prone to break out. Q: What causes hair follicles to get blocked? A: A buildup of contaminants often causes clogs. “Contaminants” include dirt, chemicals, cosmetics, dead skin cells, oil, pollen, etc. Irritation from mindless behaviors such as rubbing your chin, talking on the phone, or touching your face can also cause clogs. Acne is exacerbated by irritation, which is why it is best to keep hands off the face. Q: What are common types of acne? Blackheads are the mildest form of acne. They are usually not painful and just look like tiny dark freckles. Whiteheads are similar to blackheads, looking like small white freckles. They are difficult to see and easy to treat. Papules and pustules are known as zits or pimples. They come in a range of sizes and can be painful. They show as red bumps on the skin and sometimes form pus-filled whiteheads. Nodule/cysts are painful and deep, usually appearing as a hard bump under the skin, sometimes with bruise-like coloring over the surface. Can last for weeks and be larger than a coin. Q: What’s the best way to treat acne? A: Everybody is different, but most acne sufferers benefit from mild, balanced treatments that are a combination of clinical and holistic therapies, such as Zenmed’s Derma Cleanse System. Stay away from harsh chemical treatments and focus on nourishing your skin and body. Q: How do I get rid of acne scars? A: Acne scars are tough. The best way is to exfoliate regularly (and gently) and use an acne scar removal treatment such as the Zenmed Derma Cleanse System. Q: Do holistic acne scar removal treatments work? A: They do for some people, but I’ve not had any luck and have tried everything. The only acne scar removal treatment that has worked for me is the Zenmed Derma Cleanse System. http://acnetreatme nteliminatesacne.b 4/acne-q-a.html#!/ 2013/04/acne-q-a.h tml  (Apr 12, 2013 | post #1)


Regenerate Your Body from the Inside Out with a Liquid Nu...

Humanity has done a number on the environment and filled it with all kinds of toxic gases, heavy metals, chemicals, and radiation from Fukishima as well as our computers. Our bodies are like sponges that absorb all these toxins through the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. Mother Nature is not entirely blameless in the toxins department because the sun produces radiation and the planet produces viruses, bacteria, fungus, and also sprays its own heavy metals and toxins into the air. The key to fighting off all these toxins is to fortify yourself with vital nutrients and minerals so your body can naturally flush out toxins. A good diet is rarely enough. Most of us need a little something extra to help our bodies. That is why we love Affinity's Sea Energy Power Max Liquid Nutrition Supplement. This potent Liquid Nutrition Supplement contains the best quality extracts from natural nutrition powerhouses including: Sea Vegetation: Plant life from the sea is incredibly rich in vitamins and minerals. This sea vegetation comes from the fresh, pure oceans of Canada. The extract contains an especially beneficial compound called sodium alginate, which prevents the body from absorbing heavy metals and radioactive materials. Aloe Vera: The insides of the leaves of this plant, which is a cousin of the cactus, are filled with a soft, gooey substance that is a potent cell regenerator. Aloe helps to fight inflammation, encourages hydration, and has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. In addition, aloe aids in digestion. Pau D’ Arco: This amazing compound comes to us from the South American rain forests. It is found on the bark of the Lapacho tree and is also a potent detoxifying agent that hones in on the blood, liver, and lymphatic system. It is a favorite medicine of Brazilian natives. The Affinity's Sea Energy Power Max Liquid Nutrition Supplement is a truly remarkable and unique formulation, packed with all kinds of good things for you. Since it is a liquid nutrition supplement, it is super easy to use, simply drink 1 to 2 ounces each day. http://seaenergypo wermaxliquidnutrit 013/04/regenerate- your-body-from-ins ide-out.html  (Apr 12, 2013 | post #1)


Learn How Alli C Can Help You get Rid of The Cause of Sym...

You can start taking Alli-C at the onset of symptoms and still experience the healing power of allicin? It is more effective and quicker to act than antibiotics – without the side effects! http://httpwwwsupe riornutritionandhe althcom.blogspot.c om/2012/09/under-w eather-how-garlic- supplements.html  (Sep 14, 2012 | post #1)


Benefits of Nutrients In a Liquid Nutrition Supplement

Do you know the many benefits of the nutrients in liquid nutrition you can experience? For example, taking a liquid nutritional supplement such as Sea Energy Power Max can help increase energy, improve your digestive system and aid in the removal of toxins. Why not try it today and experience it for yourself? http://seaenergypo wermaxliquidnutrit 012/09/why-liquid- nutrition-suppleme nts-work.html  (Sep 14, 2012 | post #1)


Liquid Nutrition Supports Foundational Nutritional Health

Nutrition supports the foundational part of our lives. When we fail to get the proper nutrition, our bodies and quality of life suffer. With Sea Energy Power Max liquid nutrition, you can get the nutrition your body craves and start feeling like your old self. For more information visit: http://seaenergypo wermaxliquidnutrit 012/09/get-best-po ssible-nutrition-w ith-liquid.html?m= 1  (Sep 10, 2012 | post #1)


Alli C, Being Prepared For The Cold and Flu Season

Do you know that the healing properties of garlic are nothing short of amazing. Taking Alli-C an odorless garlic supplement this cold and flu season can help you stay one step ahead of the game, even if those around you are not so lucky. For more information visit: http://httpwwwsupe riornutritionandhe althcom.blogspot.c om/2012/09/protect -yourself-this-flu -season-with.html? m=1  (Sep 10, 2012 | post #1)


Are Liquid Nutrition Supplements Better for The Body

If you are Interested in getting the right number of supplements each day? Find out why liquid is better at: http://seaenergypo wermaxliquidnutrit 012/07/are-you-get ting-right-supplem ents-try.html  (Jul 23, 2012 | post #1)

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