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May 8, 2009

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Rooney Sold Out

Corruption...Unions...Demographics...Brain Drain~~~Best schools in the USA but liberal politics and poor tax structure keep Corporations out...How sad...Unless one has a monopoly such as Giant Eagle that is in bed with the Unions and get away with unethical pricing strategies that price all of the competition out..How refreshing to do business with Whole Foods~~An Austin, Texas based Corporation..Unfortunately, Pittsburghers are brainwashed and myopic in their visions for the future..Fuel perks are not a bargain..If you do the calculations they are making out like a bandit and pocket millions every quarter..A friend of mine who attend their Employee Meetings state they thrive on their dominance...Since the majority of you do not travel outside your area..(North Hills~~South Hills~~East End) are clueless..I have been in a Giant Eagle and some of their stores are Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! They are surviving off the back of foolish uniformed Pittsburghers who cannot see past a gallon of Gas..What really made me lose total respect for the City of Pittsburgh is when Dan Rooney sold himself out to become a member of the Obama Administration..Politics have no place in Football and never did...He has been a staunch Republican his entire life..His brother who resides in Palm Beach Shores if I am not mistaken did not want to sell out...But then again look at Arlen Specter...I am glad that I am a Resident of Florida although I own property in the area...I used to love Pittsburgh...Hey, the Steelers are~~and always will be a Dynasty...Had Penguin Season tickets for years during the Mario~~~Paul Coffey~~Ulf~~Stevens~~and all the rest era....It is too bad the City did not move forward..I am so sad to see the city deteriorate... :( :( :(  (May 22, 2009 | post #1)



Too many Democrats...Typical blue collar town..Narrow Minded People...Very little competition with regards to business..What is with this Giant Eagle business..They have a monopoly and rake the consumer over the coals..Fuel perks are not a bargain..But then again-- the mentality in this community is unbelievable. Visit Texas or Florida which is business friendly and encourages competition and innovation  (May 14, 2009 | post #470)

Fred Couples

Golf | Couples aches to captain

This is my winter home as we are in the Pittsburgh area now for the avoid confusion..Sorry :(  (May 8, 2009 | post #14)

Fred Couples

Golf | Couples aches to captain

Newman2 is telling the truth I believe...We live in Naples, Florida in a Gated Golf Community across the highway from The Ritz Carlton Golf Resort..Fred Couples is here every year playing in the "Shootout Golf Tournament" which is the start to "Silly Season". We have observed him since 2005 and I will tell you this man is so easily distracted by women..With this not being a crowded tournament~~we can position ourselves right on the green and directly across from where he is about to putt. He blew it in 2005 when Adam Scott was his partner. I was with my boyfriend and found myself distracting him..Trust me~~it is not hard..Between holes when he is not in his cart~~he comes up right behind you and pounds his golf ball on cartpath like a basketball and then bumps you and keep on going..During 2007 some blond who was not attractive was following him throughout the tournament with his caddy..What a trip..My boyfriend and I were laughing because she was dressed so inappropriate for the outing and all the guys were abusing him about his taste in women this particular day....She was riding with him in the golf cart so everyone knew that she was his for the evening..His life is full of drama no doubt..He obviously suffers from many deep seated issues that go way back to his childhood..This gorgeous athlete hates himself and hates women also..He cannot form a normal bond as his previous history with two beautiful women tell the take.. Read his interview in the May 2009 Issue of Golf Digest. This will give you an insight into this man..You decide for youself and then post..If he has a "girlfriend " he certainly is not loyal..Good luck whomever tries to date this man..  (May 8, 2009 | post #13)