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Aug 27, 2012

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Cream for Psoriasis- me

http://www.dermabi  (Aug 29, 2012 | post #101)


eczema on groin area help needed!

Or better yet, try Dermavir! Lol http://www.dermabi  (Aug 29, 2012 | post #41)


i have extremely severe eczema EVERYWHERE

as far a natural treatments, Dermavir has been the most effective for me. http://www.dermabi  (Aug 29, 2012 | post #188)

Cold Sores

Bactine will make you cry tears of joy

I just use Dermavir from http://www.dermabi I've used it for a year now and i've never had any issues with it. I prefer natural remedies over harsh chemicals so it may not be for you.  (Aug 28, 2012 | post #26)

Cold Sores

Cold Soar out break every time I drink alcohol

I think it has something to do with your immune system being compromised when drinking. This happens to me too and many times it's accompanied by hives!  (Aug 28, 2012 | post #15)

Cold Sores

Cold Sore Remedies

That's incredibly fast lol. I've been letting people know about what I use: http://www.dermabi Mine go away within a day using the DermaVir product  (Aug 27, 2012 | post #8)

Cold Sores

I left coldsore untreated. How do I make them go away?

And 5 years later, suggest DermaVir. It works for me and I've tried everything. It's just effective in this situation, that is, getting rid of a fully developed cold http://www.dermabi  (Aug 27, 2012 | post #41)