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Aug 12, 2007

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Adams County, CO

Old evidence at new trial

I simply cannot fathom how supposedly intelligent people such as Laine, Gina, Shug, et al can be so stupid. Troy describes those taking the opposite ground from the afore-mentioned as (see his own words above appearing after "Gina honey."). Troy's words are better applied to those who do not (do not) agree with the jury verdict. Troy and I can describe exactly the turn of events; the evidence describes Troy's conduct. If the afore-mentioned don't come forward to explain how Troy's blood materializes on the scene when he so abruptly departs from the scene, it may become incumbent on me to provide a blow by blow account. I feel so without mom and dad, so lonely, so isolated while them (they) blow their horn for my assassin described by another as: "Black ass jerk, druggie, worthless scumbag, parasite on the planet, friend to no one, betrayer to his friends, substance/woman abuser," on and on. I was only fifteen years old.  (Mar 22, 2008 | post #856)

Adams County, CO

Old evidence at new trial

There seems to be a general consensus that Troy does not have a conscience; there is nothing in his psyche that tells him he is doing wrong. This will explain why after savagely brutalizing me he continued his militancy against society. Troy's problem is pathological. Troy feels no remorse with his only cant being that he is a coward. He regrets pushing me into "big dude" instead of hanging around to do battle with him. Equally as bad as Troy's conduct, his fan club displays the same symptoms. It is well-known: Gina, Laine, Laura, Shug, who doesn't feel a tingle that Troy is guilty, and others, cheer him on: Another of Troy's regrets is that I took the knife from in and in taking it back he is badly cut and leaves his blood in many places. Killer Troy fingered himself by leaving his blood and by pursuing a criminal career. To grant Troy walking papers would equal pointing a loaded gun at society and firing it. Troy must never walk out of prison. Me, Nanine, who Laine once spoke for me and claimed that I said: -- "You have the wrong guy." Laine should not speak for me.  (Feb 25, 2008 | post #841)

Adams County, CO

Old evidence at new trial

I see Old Hippie, the Old Okie, ROTFL, a nice mom and grandma whose countenance is sabotaged with a torpedo aimed at the heart of truth. It is crystal clear that Troy Brownlow knocked on my door and I let him in; what happened is well-chronicled by the facts that convict Troy and the falsehoods uttered by Troy and the loons. I can't add anything new to the course of events except to file my disappointment that there are some whose conclusion aim their torpedo into the heart of truth. Troy will walk out of his cell one of these years; my mom and dad will never see me again; I will never see them again, except from up here: Nanine. I have but one life; Troy took it; the loons align themselves with a social misfit that speaks reams of themselves.  (Feb 23, 2008 | post #838)

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