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May 9, 2008

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Adams County, CO

Old evidence at new trial

Hi dad. When May 7 kicks in, you are reminded of me. When Father’s Day kicks in, I am reminded of you. You were there on my birth-day. What follows are anniversaries or trips around the sun. How many trips around the sun did I take? Since I died at age 15, it can be said I took 14 or 15 trips around the sun: Which is it? At any rate: I don’t know whether to say Happy Father’s Day since it can’t be “Happy” for you as I look into your tear soaked eyes. I miss you so much, dad, knowing you miss me. “Time heals all wounds,” may be an expression; however, time does not heal all wounds. You confess your wish for death to heal the wound; however, it will come soon enough. Win a few games of chess for me. Love, Nini.  (Jun 15, 2008 | post #882)

Adams County, CO

Old evidence at new trial

Mom: Just like dad will never have a good day or great day, neither will you and neither will you have a happy mother’s day; however, I admit May 11 (Mother’s Day) recalling what my second cousin, Felima Kulinski, said on her remembrance of me widely circulated so close to Mother’s Day: “Nanine Grimes was born May 7, 1965, and was an innocent girl when stabbed to death Sept. 4, 1980, in her home in Adams County , Colorado . Nanine’s life and earth reminds us of another innocent girl who died a martyr’s death: Maria Gorette was stabbed to death in her home in Southern Italy at the beginning of this century. She died rather than offend Jesus. Before she died, Maria forgave the boy who caused her death.” If Troy had become a stellar citizen, perhaps I could forgive him; however, his rap sheet is too extensive to warrant forgiveness. The Book of Life augments his offenses by ten. He is not worthy of membership in society. I cannot wish you a day that will include “happy” a futility, indeed: Perhaps the song has some validity: “We will meet again, don’t know where don’t know when.” I love you, mom: Nini.  (May 11, 2008 | post #869)