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Mar 5, 2010

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Oklahoma City, OK

Feed The Children Meets With Charity Ranking Group After ...

Larry Jones and his so called charity has been a russ from the start. He saw a way to live a very comfortable life and took it.. Did any one know that Devon has a food bank??? I saw one of thier trucks headed E on I40 yeaterday morn around 10:30 AM  (Mar 5, 2010 | post #4)

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Why did OK abolish grand parent rights???

How can a state that claims to have such strong morals and values, allow a parent or grand parent to leave a baby with non family members and go on with their life styles as the choose, maybe seeing the child once or twice a mo. and not call it ABANDONMENT!!!! Just so long as the other people are willing to keep the child. How wrong is this???? Yes there is family that wants the baby.  (Mar 5, 2010 | post #1)

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I'm playing games on Pogo, reading my Bible or watching my fav. TV shows

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How a state that claims it has morals and values can allow a parent to leave a baby with non family members. How wrong is this?

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