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May 27, 2010

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Jonesboro, GA

Who do you support for U.S. Senate in Georgia in 2010?

My vote will go to MICHELLE NUNN. The Republicans have not figured out how to gerrymander the State, although they do their best to keep folks like me from voting. Nothing I can do about the House, but I can try to keep the Senate Democratic to keep a brake on the insanity of the House.  (Apr 27, 2014 | post #41836)

Eagle Pass, TX

Why do White men love mexican/hispanic women.

I am a Gringo and my eyes always go to women with black hair, dark eyes, and dark skin. I have no idea why, but it has always been that way for me. I don't think one can generalize and say anything about all dark skin women are this or that, I just happen to like a women with a dark natural tan. I prefer well educated, well spoken, and confident women. I am most attracted to Latinas. I love to dance and I have found most Latinas to be so much fun as dance partners which can sometimes lead to lots of other kinds of fun. The only issue I have found is that some Latinas I have known are so committed to their family that they really don't have time for a relationship with a non family member. But I may find the right one yet. But I love the search.  (Feb 13, 2014 | post #470)

US Supreme Court

BARACK OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Suit contesting Obama's c...

Some folks just can't handle the fact that there is a black man living in the WHITE house. Since black folk built it, it is time for black folk to live in it. Get over it all you haters. .  (Jun 17, 2013 | post #160084)

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Is the Boston Marathon bombing an inside job?

Of course it wasn't and inside job. The bombs were placed on the sidewalk. And these idiots just go around and reproduce.  (Jun 6, 2013 | post #555)

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Prove there's a god.

You can't prove something that either is or is not. That is why the religionists invented faith. I am reasonably sure that the Sun will be visible tomorrow. But I don't know for a fact if it will or if it won't. Bet you have faith that it will.  (Jun 6, 2013 | post #628377)

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Was 911 an Inside Job

I guess you didn't hear. ON 911, airplanes ran into buildings except for the one that crashed. Sounds like it was an outside job.  (Jun 6, 2013 | post #5013)

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Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

You folks need to find something useful to do. Like maybe learn somethoing worth while.  (Jun 6, 2013 | post #448984)

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Why Should Jesus Love Me?

Jesus doesn't love anyone. He's been dead for 2,000 years. Sorry about that.  (Jun 6, 2013 | post #543936)

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Atheism requires as much faith as religion?

There may or may not be a god. I don't know and don't really care. I'm 75, in ill health, and not likely to be around much longer. When I die, that is it for me. I will rot as will the rest of you. I'm guessing that as long as there have been people, there have been questions that have no answers. So we invent gods as a means of answering these questions. Then we have to develop rules around these gods that become religions, and of course we have to have the leaders of the religions who are, for the most part, just parasites. It has always amused me that we call a body of belief that is out of fashion mythology, not recognizing our own. contemporary mythology. So many people have been killed because of mythology called religion. So stupid and such a waste of resources.  (Jun 6, 2013 | post #167214)

Atlanta, GA

Black Guy Saves White Girls

The smaller you are (and I'm speaking of a small mind and and shriveled soul), I guess you the only way to feel big is to put someone down.  (May 24, 2013 | post #22)

Eagle Pass, TX

My Son Brought Home a Girl With Tattoos! WTF???

You are just simply dumb. I do hope you have not reproduced, nor are planning on doing so.  (May 20, 2013 | post #66)