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Oct 9, 2013

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Atheism to Defeat Religion by 2038

Source that most people in the world are atheists? As for the OP claim that better education and an improved standard of living will kill off religion, then why is much of the USA so religious then? More than some parts of the developing world, in fact. Btw, there are other causes of evil besides religion in the world - selfishness, greed, bigotry, excessive state power...  (Oct 10, 2013 | post #18713)

Why do South Asians overwhelmingly oppose interracial rel...

They certainly have a tendency to be far more hardline about them than are either White or Black people. A lot of British Asians I know tell me that they'd be happy to have a non-South Asian boyfriend or girlfriend... were it not for their parents.  (Oct 10, 2013 | post #1)

Kingsville, TX

hispanics are haters

No one language has more intrinsic 'worth' than any other. All languages are equally testament to humanity's diversity and richness.  (Oct 10, 2013 | post #31)

Should India get revenge on Britain ?

But I am not just talking about the policies of Indian governments, but of general social attitudes and cultural practices amongst ordinary Indians themselves.  (Oct 10, 2013 | post #163)

Kingsville, TX

hispanics are haters

Yo si entiendo castellano. But as a half-Colombian myself, I must admit that (1) Latin Americans often put an inordinate amount of emphasis and compete with each other on how White and European they are, as shown by their ridiculously cherrypicked actors, TV presenters and models; not to mention constant arguments on the Internet about who is 'Whiter'. Granted, the above points also apply, to a certain degree, to North Africans, Middle Easterners and South Asians, but I'd still argue that Latin Americans are the biggest offenders of all in this regard. (2) Darker-skinned women are stigmatised even more than are darker-skinned men. (3) Europeans, despite the far bigger cultural and linguistic differences between them, actually have a greater sense of solidarity and interest in each others' countries, be it for work, holidays or anything else, than Latin Americans do with each other.  (Oct 9, 2013 | post #22)


Kuwait May Use 'Gaydar' to Ban Gays From Country

Sad as this might sound, I am not really surprised. Most of the Islamic world is not exactly gay-friendly, to put it mildly - even the more secular and liberal countries like Turkey and Lebanon. What's more, the quasi-racist double standards of Western leftists is pretty galling on this issue - Russia has got a lot of flack for its law against the 'promotion of homosexuality', yet even with that law it is still a Shangri-La compared to most African and Islamic countries, which do not get anything like the same systematic criticism.  (Oct 9, 2013 | post #55)

Should India get revenge on Britain ?

The British Empire, like all empires, was based on oppression and exploitation. I have no time for it, much less those who celebrate it, especially English language chauvinists who celebrate the spread of English at the expense of so many other languages in the world. But since Independence, Indians have excelled at abusing and exploiting each other both in Britain and especially in India itself. Dowry murders, sex-selective abortions, honour killings, child labour, beating domestic servants, child prostitution, caste discrimination, a general intolerance towards inter-racial or inter-religious relationships and 'alternative' lifestyles and sexualities. Need I go on?  (Oct 9, 2013 | post #161)

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Why do philistines think that all Europeans look the same?

...Given that a considerable minority of Portuguese, Spaniards, Italians, Greeks and some Balkanites look closer to Lebanese, Syrians and even some Indians and Pakistanis than they do to Northern Europeans. A couple of Sicilian actors to exemplify what I mean: Beppe Fiorello n&site=imghp &tbm=isch& source=hp&biw= 1366&bih=651 &q=beppe+fiore llo&oq=beppe+f ior&gs_l=img.1 .0.0j0i24l4.933.35 49.0.5057. . .0....0...1ac.1.27 .img..0.10.784.yEQ V4S3hv8w Enrico Lo Verso n&biw=1366 &bih=651&s ite=imghp&tbm= isch&sa=1& q=enrico+lo+verso &oq=enrico+lo+ verso&gs_l=img .3..0j0i24l2.16828 .19744.0.20364.15. .8j3.11.0....0...1 c.1.27.img..0.15.1 024.bcxIjr5B5ok  (Oct 9, 2013 | post #1)

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