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Aug 23, 2010

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Brevard, NC

Who do you support for Board of Education in North Caroli...

need a woman to stop the bullying!  (Oct 15, 2010 | post #1)

Brevard, NC

Who do you support for U.S. Senate in North Carolina in 2...

Time for a change!  (Oct 15, 2010 | post #295)

Brevard, NC

Who do you support for Sheriff in North Carolina (Transyl...

Need a new face in that all fairness to the county!  (Oct 15, 2010 | post #1)

US Politics

Vacationing Obama stumbles over entourage

Obama is nothing more than another Puppet leader making mega dollars off his puppetry shannigans in the White House. Just like all of the rest of the Puppet masters. They are all elitists pigs regardless of colour. He was picked because of his charm and to pacify the countries restlessness and disgust with politics. What has he done lately? Has anyone seen any so called CHANGE...did the bankers just get bilions and for build more banks and line their flipping pockets. Hey people...wake up ....what are they doing with this money? e whole banking system is a joke...and the rich elitists "Bilderberg " types are governing this country........... .WAKE UP...THE ELITISTS NEED AN ENEMA OF IS GOING ON IN THIS COUNTRY? Politicians are all wolves in sheeps clothing. There has not been an HONEST president since Abe Lincoln and JFK.... NOTHING HAS CHANGED..WAKE UP AMERICA...THE POOR ARE STILL POOR...AND THE RICH HAVE GOTTEN RICHER OVER OBAMA'S PUPPETS BANK BAIL OUT...WHAT A FLIPPING JOKE THIS COUNTRY IS. AND WHAT ABOUT THE PRESCRIPTION DRUG INDUSTRY AND PSCYHOTROPS...YOU BETTER WAKE UP BECAUSE YOU OR YOUR CHILD/OR PARENTS MAY BE FORCED INTO TAKING DANGEROUS ANTI-DEPRESSANT DRUGS AND PSYCH MEDS...THIS COUNTRY IS RUN BY THE ELITISTS HITLER TYPES...THAT GOVERN BY MANIPULATION AND LIES. WAKE UP....BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.. GO TO and read what the drug companies are doing in your schools before it is too late... agggghhhhh...GOD BLESS AMERICA...IT NEEDS SOME TRUE CHRISIAN LEADERS...WHERE ARE THEY? O  (Aug 23, 2010 | post #54)