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Sep 25, 2013

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Prove there's a god.

I will tell you one story : There was a barber shop where different people gathered to have their hair cut. The barber was a staunch atheist who absolutely had no belief in God and religion. While doing hair cut he preached and argued with his customers. One day, he was arguing with his customer about the existing of God, about the needy and suffering people. After the hair cut was over, the customer was about to go out and peeped outside the shop. He found a dirty man with too much grown dirty and untidy hair and long beard. The customer exclaimed and said : "well it seems there is no barber in this town !!" The barber objected to his words and said, there are very much barbers, me too a barber you see. The customer pointing out at the dirty man on the road said, "then why this man does have a untidy long hair' not well groomed like us.? The barber said, "it is a matter of common sense, he should go to the barber to get his hair groomed and tidy, like you came to me. " Then customer replied, "Exactly, my dear, you, in search of God, should go to the God, not the other way round. God would not come before each and every person to introduce Himself, because God does not need you, rather, you need God. As a barber, you cannot go the man to do a hair cut, and you charge if he comes. How do you expect God to market Himself, for what benefit ? Think over it, all my dear atheists. Cutting Smiles ...  (Sep 26, 2013 | post #660516)

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