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Aug 7, 2008

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Bellerose, NY

American Physique Fitness Club

This GYM does not treat their members fairly. They promise group classes to get members. But then they cut class during busy season. They are not enough machines to use. When they do have classes half of the equipment are broken or dirty. The management and workers are rude. The only good thing they had were the group classes but the cut it back so often and members have to FIGHT to get some of it back. It's degrading how they treat their members. NO BENEFITS to joining this gym.  (Dec 5, 2008 | post #1)

Queens, NY

Frozen Cup of Bellerose to be Replaced by Days Inn

I support the “save frozen cup” campaign. As I mentioned in previous posts; I’ve lived in the area for over 25 years. And I do not like the way the neighborhood is changing. What I don’t understand is why the authorities are not doing anything about this situation. I am a Hindu myself (not from India)… so all the comments on “Hindu” is hurtful. Let’s focus the campaign to “save frozen cup” on the goal and not bashing some ones religion! I can tell you; that not all Hindu like what’s happening to Bellerose. Carefull not to lose sight of what's the goal here is.  (Dec 5, 2008 | post #54)

Queens, NY

Frozen Cup of Bellerose to be Replaced by Days Inn

I grew up in Floral Park/Bellerose and lived in the area for 23 years. And always looked forward to treats at Frozen Cup. It's a shame they had to close. I'm disgusted at what I hear now that the new owner of the property wants to tear down a beautiful part of history and build another UGLY useless hotel. WHY WHY WHY... this area does not need a hotel. I noticed that they put one on Floral Park just 1/2 a mile away. What is the purpose of this hotel. I agree with other comments that the Indians have moved into the area and ruined the culture and history and beauty of what the town is. They don’t value the architect of any of the original homes that are in the area. They tear down everything they buy and put up ugly shapeless, useless things They have no respect for their neighbors space They act as if they are better than everyone else They beat their children (when they don’t do well in school) I can go on on.... I’m not racist. My family came from Guyana (South America) 27 years ago. We are descendant of Indians. And we dislike that the Indians from India move the neighbors and are acting as they are. As if they are owed something by everyone else. We Guyanese do not wish to be grouped with these disrespectful Indians (from India) who need to learn basic human courtesy and respect for thy neighbor and history. STOP RUINING THE NEIGHBORHOOD! NO HOTEL!  (Nov 23, 2008 | post #31)

Queens, NY

Frozen Cup of Bellerose to be Replaced by Days Inn

how quick you cry "racist" when you are the one that's racist. have some respect for others!  (Nov 23, 2008 | post #30)


Mental disability groups protest 'Tropic Thunder'

LOL! I second this!  (Aug 12, 2008 | post #18)