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Nov 17, 2011


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Quartzsite, AZ

Quartzsite Music Thread bkni1z0owg "Jet City Woman" Queensryche  (27 min ago | post #8)

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar Music Thread BWfUc5jKiM "Tiny Dancer" Elton John  (3 hrs ago | post #5)

Pool, Congo

Pool Music Thread XursFK5KsY "Yolele" Papa Wemba  (3 hrs ago | post #5)

Wankie, Zimbabwe

Wankie Music Thread fcvTq_A3_U "Time" Que  (4 hrs ago | post #5)

Bing Crosby

Bingo Music Thread MnLoOnrwbg "Don't Fence Me In" Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters  (4 hrs ago | post #5)

Rowan County, KY

Sharkey Music Thread QZAStQONjs "On My Own" The Sharks  (7 hrs ago | post #1)

Hallie, KY

Hallie Music Thread RCWJigX3Bw "Carrie-Anne " The Hollies  (8 hrs ago | post #1)

Nabb, IN

Nabb Music Thread qe43PIzlAc "Dose" The Apache Relay  (20 hrs ago | post #6)

Jessietown, KY

Jessietown Music Thread d2qlMV-seQ "Drunk On A Plane" Dierks Bentley  (20 hrs ago | post #6)

Hueys Corners, KY

Hueys Corners Music Thread jzrGBwmKeE "Take Me Out" Atomic Tom  (20 hrs ago | post #6)

East Hickman, KY

East Hickman Music Thread Nlw0IDFKDA "Georgia On My Mind" Willie Nelson  (20 hrs ago | post #6)

Gaithers, KY

Gaithers Music Thread 7GKblttlMY "Touch Me" The Doors  (Yesterday | post #10)

Eli, KY

Eli Music Thread aJ4wzDO5fA "Lights" Ellie Goulding  (Yesterday | post #8)

Dunnville, KY

Dunnville Music Thread zdNdjF-htY "Wake Up" Arcade Fire  (Yesterday | post #8)

Blaine, KY

Blaine Music Thread IVbLsU9IR8 "Spirit In The Night" Bruce Springsteen  (Yesterday | post #8)

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Climax, Kentucky

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Climax Cave, Climax Spring Water

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Local Mensa Chapter

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I'm on Topix

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The Bible

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Mom,WLJC, my cats, Karen, my family, music, College Football

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anything that exists.