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Jun 30, 2010

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Port Henry, NY

Good People

You got that on....  (Jul 29, 2010 | post #251)

Port Henry, NY


Ya I got that after a few posts,was not meaning to offend anyone just sick of people harassing her and my family..  (Jul 29, 2010 | post #31)

Port Henry, NY


Um I am her family,and all I was doing was coming to her defence,and I always will know matter who cares..  (Jul 29, 2010 | post #30)

Port Henry, NY


Well first off we don't come on here just to speak to each other,we also talk to friends,and meet knew ones,here is a tip for you,,if you dont like what your reading dont read it..that easy..  (Jul 29, 2010 | post #27)

Port Henry, NY


Hey there sorry i haven't been on here in a while,I was having computer problems..but I AM every one who wants to bash on my people better get a life.Let us live our ours.We dont come on here and put you people down every damn day,or any day for that matter.You people sit and write the most,unintelligent shit I have ever read.To come on here and act like you know us,and spew things all over the Internet about us is shameful.Pretty sure one of you who does it is a family member who thinks he is god..well we do stick together some of us and it is a tight net bond while others act all high and mighty as if not to have done a thing wrong in there own lives.The others just come on here and make shit up to have something to do.Well let me give you something to do"KISS MY ASS" there is a start,and yes I do have a big booty so you can leave that remark alone,,I already know since it is my ass.Why you keep your insults coming about Peanut,I will never know,do you know her?Do you really care what she says on here?Does anything she says affect your personal life?Does she not just simply ask everyone to smile and have a good day?Yes,that's all she says.There were some mean things said on here to her and she does have all right to defend herself,damn right she does,as any of us do.When you start your crap with her damn right I will step in to defend her,I always will,and if you think that makes me a bad person,I dont care,that's what family's do.I dont only defend her because she is family I defend her because she is a good person,who hasn't said shit to know one.You all think you know her,well then you would know she would say anything to your faces,she wouldn't just sit behind a screen name and fake the funk,now as someone who cares deeply for her,I do ask for you to leave her alone,she has a disease that if stressed out it can hurt her not just emotionally but physically.Do you people not care if you really harm someone?How would you feel if you knew you could be the cause of someones death?Would you just go on in your daily pathetic lives harassing some one knew?Ya I think you all would.That is desperation at its best.Not everyone has to be a ass,just because you think its funny,or your friends hold you in the highest regards because you came on here and made someone feel bad.Not cool at all..just leave her alone,those who love her and care about her well being want to see her happy,for how ever long we have as not to hide my name it is DELTA,now there you have someone else in the Morin family to bash on,,I DON'T CARE!!!!Because I live a great life,I work for a living,I have a wonderful marriage,and I live in a beautiful place,so bash on if your bashing me then you will leave her alone.....  (Jul 28, 2010 | post #17)

Port Henry, NY

Where are there some fun loving caht with

casting stones,leads to broken bones..  (Jul 28, 2010 | post #16)

Port Henry, NY

just for friends

It sucks that we have to defend our selves for sticking up for one you both know matter who likes on  (Jul 23, 2010 | post #18)

Port Henry, NY

to my baby brother:

I agree,Peanut is a awesome person the people on here that trash her don't even know her.I love her with all my heart and the only time post anything is when it pertains to someone being mean to her..I am not the one who brings her into anything,I defend her..I always will..she is the wind beneath my wings,,  (Jul 23, 2010 | post #12)

Port Henry, NY

Decker's Flats

Hey Pam you don't know me but I know you,and sorry for your loss..didn't know Josh,but I know Ian..feel very bad for the whole family..  (Jul 23, 2010 | post #331)

Port Henry, NY

just for friends

Exactly,Peanut is my family and the only time you see me post anything on here is in her defence..I get very angry when people mess with who ever thinks I am being mean to her,,that's so wrong that women is the world to me so get it right...  (Jul 23, 2010 | post #16)

Port Henry, NY

Family,Friends!When did we all stop caring?

I agree 100%,its a shame that this is what people consider family values..  (Jul 23, 2010 | post #3)

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