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Oct 12, 2008

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Chicago Bulls

Bulls drop second preseason game

Look, the Bulls lost their second preseason game because they are a young team with a bunch of developing players. Rose is new to the NBA and is adjusting from the college level into the professional level - more games, more talent, more expectations. Hinrich is adjusting to his move to the SG position...If one of KU's best players can't adjust quickly from being a normal sized 1 guard to an undersized 2 guard, I defy anyone to be able to. But, I think he will learn how to get good shots off soon and he proved in the 06-07 playoffs that he has the potential to play lockdown defense. Deng needs to take a deep breath, relax, stop forcing bad shots, and act like he deserves to be the Bull's highest paid player. Gooden needs to keep up the tenacity and STOP GETTING HURT. And at the C position...well, I think Gray is showing great potential, but I also think a Hughes for Brad Miller trade could do miracles for the Bulls. Check out http://www.chibull / for weekly Bulls updates!  (Oct 12, 2008 | post #18)

Chicago Bulls

He's jumping at opportunity

I think Sefolosha is a talented player and certainly proved he is compentent with his play on Friday, but he will need to show he has consistency and that wasn't always evident last year. For now, I think it may be wise to keep the Rose Hinrich tandem going, as Hinrich can relieve the pressure for Rose in a way that no other bull can. Check out http://www.chibull / for weekly Bulls updates!  (Oct 12, 2008 | post #8)

Chicago Bulls

Quick-learning Rose changes plans

I think Rose at the PG and Hinrich at the SG makes a lot of sense. Rose can drive, has a wicked handle, and is able to dish in a way that Hinrich can't. Hinrich can shoot, is decent as handling and passing, and can play D against some of the strongest players in the NBA at the SG position. These two together allow each other to do their thing as long as their pride doesn't get in the way. I know some people doubt Hinrich's defensive ability, but I think we can look to him to show up by the end of '08 playing the same defense that allowed him to shut down Dwayne Wade in the 06-07 playoffs.  (Oct 12, 2008 | post #35)

Chicago Bulls

For now, Hughes coming off bench

I think Kirk Hinrich has the potential to be a decent SG in the NBA. Hinrich is a shooter and that was lost last year when the Bull's expected him to be able to add drive and dish to his game and he wasn't able to. Skiles demanded more than Hinrich could offer and that doomed his season last year. But, with D-Rose as the helm, it leaves Hinrich with the ability to make shots...which he can do even against other SGs who are 3-5 inches taller than him. And Hinrich's defense shouldn't be an issue as he showed he has great ability when he nearly shut down Dwayne Wade in the 06-07 playoffs. Check out http://www.chibull / for weekly Bulls updates.  (Oct 12, 2008 | post #10)