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Jul 18, 2008

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Savannah, GA

2010 Sweet Tea Jamboree! Please VOLUNTEER

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Savannah, GA

What Obama and McCain are NOT talking about and should

I have no idea why child abuse and neglect are not issues being discussed by either parties. Where is the civil justice concerning the children's defense movement, a socioeconomic crisis affecting us all. I can not be silent any longer... can you? Should you? Here's what I suggest we all do (for starters) to help call our leadership to action. PUBLIC PROTEST OF WAL-MART CEREAL ISLE PRODUCTS Tell Wal-Mart to set the example! Retail/Commercial Cereal Isle Boycott and Picket Picketers Encouraged and Welcomed We can't end child abuse and neglect but we CAN make Violence Against Children unacceptable in public places. If we don't prevent it... we permit it! Are you Standing IN or Standing OUT? We Need You to Do BOTH. Raise your hand if you are willing to take a stand! CHILDREN'S DEFENSE MOVEMENT Our focus is to apply economic pressure to businesses to help ensure the public safety and security of our Nation's children. We are demanding: That Corporations mandate equal protection for children in public places across the nation. Businesses, starting from the corporate level, must begin to hire security personal or put systems in place which will ensure the safety of every person on site. All measures must be taken to prevent any failures in providing a safe environment for consumers, especially the most vulnerable. Ultimately, those who are responsible for upholding public safety on the premises must be proactive in the intervention and prevention of children being assaulted on site. Proper regulations must be established to enforce the compliance of all security. These new regulations need to be posted in public view where consumers can be continuously reminded that their safety is first. It is time to assist the shopper with safe and appropriate means of public discipline. It is time to put an end to shameful, painful and demoralizing public assaults on children. "Why Should I? It's none of my business!" *Every 35 Seconds a child is abused in this country. * 60 million adults are survivors of child abuse and neglect (1 in every 3) * 1/4 of Adult survivors recover, the remainder are likely to perpetuate abuse. * 180 children, in this nation die each month victims of child abuse and neglect. That's 6 children a day, every day. * 285 MILLION Dollars A DAY, 104 plus BILLION Dollars a year, being spent in dealing with the issues of child abuse and neglect. It's no one's "business ", it's everyone's crisis! Place: Every Wal-Mart In the Nation Date: Boycott: July 26th ~ Mandate Takes Effect OFF SITE: Cereal Isle Boycott. Buy your cereal from a food chain other than Wal-Mart until they institute a public safety policy for children on their premises. Information Materials: to be circulated to the public will be provided. Picketers Welcome Petition: Online link coming soon Do you know what goes through the mind and heart of a child, perhaps even YOUR CHILD, who watches another child being victimized? Please seriously consider this question: Would YOU be willing to be arrested for the public safety of children in our nation? Children deserve our protection not our rejection. We Must do something more! www.reactionnews.c om www.thewagonlady.w www.stopwatchandre m  (Jul 18, 2008 | post #1)