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Mar 11, 2009

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Marquis Cooper

Survivor: Football players lost at sea took off lifejackets

That was an article that I just so happen to find just searching for articles on google but its funny that this gentleman was never mentioned nor his story. I thought it was strange from day one. As far as the bodies go I don't think they will ever surface being that I don't believe that their bodies are lost at sea or that they drowned for that matter. Nick may have been a trainer but these guys have intense training consistanly for football so these guys would have 10 times the stamina than Nick does if not more so that comment they made about him being a trainer is irrelavant as far as I'm concerned. To answer your question I'm not sure how long it takes for a body to wash up but I had a cousin that was killed and thrown over bored into the water and he washed up 2wks later so it could be sooner or maybe longer. I know being that it's Marquis's b-day it makes it even harder for his family to deal with their lost. Just to add one last comment and I don't want to sound racist because I'm far from that but if they had found Marquis or Corey without Will or Nick they would have been ready to throw them under the jail if not ready to send them to H---! I'm just calling it how I see it.  (Mar 12, 2009 | post #20)

Marquis Cooper

Survivor: Football players lost at sea took off lifejackets

I think there is more than what is being told by Nick. That is a bunch of BS about that they could have suffered from hypothermia I could have believe that if there were bodies to prove it. There were four men and four life jackets Nick was wearing one and they found one, so where are the other two? No bodies and no life jackets, at this point someone needs to dig a little deeper for the truth. I think it was a set up and I believe this because there was a fisherman that went out at the same time as the four men did along with another boat and he says that he followed behind the other two boats and one hand four big guys on it and once the water started getting rough and the waves started reaching 6 feet he started to head back in but noticed their boat kept going out and he wondered why they would continue to keep going with the bad weather. Now, who was on the third boat? Could they have been meeting someone? This raises a lot of questions and they are just not paying attention or like Brian said someone is playing stupid! I notice that her never once said anything good about the NFL players but they just gave up and praised Will to the up most and he was the hero in all of this but its funny that he's missing to. That was all a show because he couldn't possibly make Will look bad being they were friends since the 6th grade. I honestly think Will was innocent in all of it and they had to get rid of him because they weren't about to leave any witnesses. I feel the coast guards have a pretty good idea of what could have went down out there but just don't get paid enough to give a crap. Nick looks a little suspect to me. I just feel so sorry for the families of these men and I pray that God will give them strength to indure what they are really going to have to face when and if it all comes out. May God bless them.  (Mar 11, 2009 | post #18)