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Michelle Shocked Shows Up

This Rotten Week: Predicting Evil Dead Reviews [b][url=http://www .hometeamsonline.c om/teams/?t=c& u=WATCHTHECROODSON LINE2013&s=org ]Watch The Croods Online[/url][/b] Another clip! Seth Rogen says that Jonah Hill gets possessed by an evil spirit and has been tied to the bed. Starting with a title card that says,"The Exorcism of Jonah Hill" we see the group of friends enter into the bedroom, everyone holding candles with the exception of Jay who has a cross made out of kitchen utensils and a bible. After calling to Jonah, the demon says “Jonah Hill is no more.” Jay stars screaming, "The Power of Christ compels you," which only leads to mockery by Hill "Oh does it? Oh does it compel me?" Seth mocks Jay for just quoting The Exorcist, but Jay says that they must have done their research. Jay then gets on the bed and keeps it up, and Jonah starts to actually seem hurt. The room begins to shake, and Jonah is in more and more pain until Seth screams for Jay to stop and tackles him off the bed. [b][url=http://wat chidentitythiefonl] Watch Identity Thief Online[/url][/b] Overall the footage was effectively scary, and it didn't take long for the people in the crowd to get in on the creepy fun, regularly clapping twice all throughout the panel and the footage. The Conjuring will be in theaters July 19th, and you can see a good amount of the footage described above in the film's trailer below. At the start of This Is The End, directors Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg bring together all of their frequent co-stars and collaborators, from Jonah Hill to Danny McBride to Craig Robinson, together for a massive party at James Franco’s house. Sounds like a great time, right? Who wouldn’t want to spend a night hanging out with some of the biggest and funniest comedy stars in the entire world? As fun as it sounds, however, the enjoyment level probably does decrease quite a bit when you realize that outside of the house the entire world is falling apart as a result of the biblical apocalypse. Or perhaps it just ratchets the fun up another notch… [b][url=http://wat chdiehard5online5x]Watch Die Hard 5 Online[/url][/b] You saw and laughed at the amazing Red Band trailer that was released for the film back in December, but now Rogen and Goldberg are bringing the This Is The End experience to WonderCon. Follow our live-blog below to find out all about the new comedy, as well as details about the special footage their set to present! Danny McBride! Craig Robinson! Seth Rogen! Evan Goldberg on stage! Rogen wears a Wolverine costume and is disappointed nobody else dressed as the X-men… but then Evan Goldberg comes dressed in an S&M costume [b][url=http://wat chupsidedownonline]Wat ch Upside Down Online[/url][/b] Time for the green band trailer! The trailer will likely be online soon, but here’s a brief description: Jay Baruchel arrives at the airport, and meets Seth Rogen, who enthusiastically tells him that they’re going to a party at James Franco’s house. Around the party we see numerous celebrities, including Mindy Kailing, who is complaining about how much of an ass Michael Cera is being (we see Cera slap Rihanna on the ass only to get a huge slap across the face. After a few big quakes, we cut to outside where it is clear the world is ending. There’s a shot of Aziz Ansari gripping on to the side of a pit, begging for help. Craig Robinson just leaves him, but when he grabs Kevin Hart’s ankle, Hart begins to kick him in the face numerous times. Demons! Crashing cops cars! Emma Watson then bursts on to the scene and hits Seth Rogen in the face with an axe - then it cuts to Danny McBride talking into a camera saying that that she ended up stealing all of their stuff.  (Mar 31, 2013 | post #1)


Why We Have Goosebumps

A Good Day To Die Hard Gets A June Blu-ray And DVD Release [b][url=http://www .hometeamsonline.c om/teams/?t=c& u=WATCHGIJOERETALI ATIONONLINE2&s =org]Watch G I Joe 2 Online[/url][/b] The final scene features a different pair of young girls, who are in their beds at night, While the youngest, Christine, sleeps, an invisible force yanks on her leg. With her eyes closed she complains, telling her sister to stop messing around. The force then pulls her harder, and she sits up wide awake and scared. She looks under her bed, but finds nothing. Getting back up, she hears three claps and then hears the bedroom door begin to creek, and stares intensely behind it. She calls to her sister, Nancy, telling her that there’s something behind the door. While Nancy can’t see anything, Christine is completely terrified. Nancy puts on her glasses, stands up and goes to investigate, but still finds nothing. She complains, “Eww it’s that smell again,” and Christine says, “It’s standing right behind you.” The score becomes deafening, the door slams, the lights turn out and the camera cuts to the title. [b][url=http://www .hometeamsonline.c om/teams/?t=c& u=WATCHJACKTHEGIAN TSLAYERONLINE& s=basketball]Watch Jack The Giant Slayer Online[/url][/b] As part of the Warner Bros. panel, del Toro delivered not just a brand new exclusive trailer to the crowds in the arena of the Anaheim Convention Center as well as some in-depth details to get you excited for the upcoming epic. The panel began with the director noting that the movie is now 85% complete, with effects and music still being mixed – but that he had cut a brand new trailer just for the convention attendees. [b][url=http://wat chwarmbodiesonline]Wa tch Warm Bodies Online[/url][/b] While it’s a bit hard to fully describe a trailer, due to the fact that the footage goes by so quickly, I will say that what del Toro had to show off was absolutely amazing. Completely action packed, there were multiple scenes of robots (aka Jaegers) fighting against monsters (aka Kaiju), but the highlight of the entire reel was a scene set in the middle of a city where one of the Jaegers picks up a giant ship and swings it like a baseball bat and a Kaiju’s head. The scenes also did a good job of setting up both Charlie Day and Charlie Hunnam’s characters, with the former interested in studying and understanding the beasts from beneath the ocean, while the latter is just blowing them all to pieces.  (Mar 31, 2013 | post #1)


Jeremy Renner Names Daughter Ava Berlin

WonderCon 2013 Costumes Day 1: Iron Man, Lara Croft, Doctor Who And More! [b][url=http://www .hometeamsonline.c om/teams/?t=c& u=WATCHGIJOERETALI ATIONONLINE2&s =org]Watch G I Joe Retaliation Online[/url][/b] Uruguayan director Fede Alvarez helms his first big budget film after garnering a fair amount of online buzz and acclaim after releasing the the short Ataque de Pánico! on YouTube a few years back. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here. It’s a quick, enjoyable five minutes of robots blowing s@#$ up. Seven million views later he’s remaking Sam Raimi’s classic. Early reviews on his first feature are more than positive, registering close to eighty percent after about twenty reviews. Remaking/ rebooting horror franchises is typically a terrible idea. Look no further than Friday the 13th (25%), A Nightmare on Elm Street (15%) and Texas Chainsaw 3D(12%) as examples of when rolling the story back went pretty wrong. But Alvarez, under Raimi’s eye looks like he’s pulled it off. [b][url=http://wat chgijoe2online2013]Watch G I Joe 2 Online[/url][/b] One of the best things about any comic convention is the costumes worn by attendees. People from all walks of life attend the events and feel free to let their geek flag fly, dressing as their favorite characters from movies, television, comics…basically anything you can think of. Not only does it lend the atmosphere a feeling of united fanhood, more often than not it’s downright impressive just how comprehensive and detail-oriented they costumes get. And that was certainly the case today during the first day of WonderCon.  (Mar 31, 2013 | post #1)