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Jun 30, 2014

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Cobleskill, NY

mavis tire

Whatever you do.DO NOT use this place. They wrecked my car . We wanted to give the local business the work.OMG!!! My Brand New tires are bald with only 6 thousand miles on them. Rocko the store mgr will NOT warranty them!! Now at a real tire shop to replace my unwarranted bald ones, but Mavis stripped all the bolts when they put the pieces of garbage tires on and now I can't even have them replaced. They have to be welded off!! Major expense. So now even more proof that they are creating work for themselves Should have walked away when they tried to sell me tie rods that I had replaced two days prior by the dealership. ...This place is bad !!!! Stay clear of Rocko and Desi!!!  (Jun 30, 2014 | post #1)