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Aug 4, 2012

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New Kensington, PA

Busybodies Valigursky, Langer and 29 other clowns shut do...

Yoo Hoo Mr. Easy I just wanted to say that if your interested in the squiggly, I can recommend one of our associates in Provincetown--Mr. Bruce La Bruce. He'd help you with any squiggly you need and its close.  (Aug 4, 2012 | post #16)

New Kensington, PA

Picture-Voter Identification Cards

Swish-- I can't wait for you to get here in September. We are closing the salon early today and off for another pool party. All of our Saturday appointments cancelled. They all got food poisoning eating at the Chik Fil A last week. Mr. Domenic, Mr. Richard, Shanda Lear, and Hedda Lettuce will all be there. Mr. Bruce is being a priss--says he is in training for the "Mr. Miami" Contest. Did you know his biceps are now 20 inches and his chest is over 52 inches! Enough to make a girl short of breath.... LOL Donnie T. was down for a rest last week and had Mr. Bruce and Jeffy Gannon dancing at the festivities at Donnie's hideway in Palm Beach. Donnie paid Brucie $1000 to crush watermelons with his thighs. Every time I see Donnie, I so want him to come to the shop. He'd look so good with that nero cut! Karl R. from DC was there and purchased additional amounts of Brucie's favors--almost $5000 worth. He said it was worth it even with Karl's saggy body. Brucie said he looks like Baby Hughey in the bedroom. Rush L. stopped by with his Dominican nephew who looked all of 9 years old. They left shortly after since RL needed to get to the hospital. His medication made him tumescent for more than 4 hours. A fun time was had by all! Pool party is waiting. Toodles--Tomee  (Aug 4, 2012 | post #294)