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Jan 5, 2012

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mother bathing teenage son

I'd have thought it obvious that from the onset of puberty that our bodies react to the stimulus of either circumstance or touch even if we wished it otherwise. Therefore it causes problems or is downright wrong to bathe older children unless absolutely necessary. This point was brought home to me recently.It may be recalled that about a year ago I discussed the possible abuse of my husband by his mother,[This related to a tight foreskin],and that due to breaking my wrists I had to bathed by my mother at the age of sixteen, with consequent high embarrassment. I recently found myself in a similar situation in that following an operation on the tendons in my wrist I was restricted on using my hand for a variety of reasons, thus dependant on my husband for such offices. As we have been together for many years and may be described as a close couple,my only real embarrassment was having my meals cut up for me! Even so,given we sleep nude and have a downstairs bathroom,[When we are alone],often walk naked through the house,and have also bathed together purely for the fun of it you would think that there would not be an issue. Despite this,on the occasion of my first post-op shower I felt a momentary pang of shyness in removing my dressing gown in front of my husband,despite being naked with him the previous night.I put this down to my memories from when I was sixteen and the idea that I had no real choice. Of course, given our intimacy and a bit of teasing, it was a fun experience which started to turn me on,although I wasn't feeling well enough for sex. Even had I wanted to I would not have been able to hide this from my husband,who jokingly slapped my bottom and threatened to get in 'the old nurse' who wouldn't 'stand any girly nonsense'! If anything, this evoked my choices from the past.Thus the conclusion I reached at the start of this posting.Apart from being naked in front of my mother,my embarrassment was heightened by being aroused as she washed and dried my intimate parts, although I obviously banished any such thoughts. Fortunately,in my case,I am able to talk through any associated 'guilt' with my husband.However I think  (Nov 21, 2012 | post #1029)