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Aug 16, 2013

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2012 Presidential Election

RNC moves to freeze out networks on debates

This is just ridiculous! This seems vindictive and extreme. I remember as a kid playing baseball, there was always a kid that would threaten to take his bat home if he didn't get his way. He actually, took his bat home and ended the game a few times. One day, another kid brought two bats for everyone to play with. We were so happy to be able to tell that vindictive little brat where to take himself and his bat! He never played with us again for the whole summer. He eventually apologized and played with us subsequent summers. He learned that he was not able to control the entire process just because he was in control of one instrument. The RNC may not like some of the liberal slant, but it seems very extreme to attempt to control the news/media process with the instrument that they control, namely, the debates. Don't be THAT kid.  (Aug 18, 2013 | post #65)

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers: Le'Veon Bell Must Stay Healthy for R...

They need atleast a decent run game or Ben is only going to last for about 4 games. The O-line can't pass protect to save their lives.  (Aug 17, 2013 | post #1)