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May 23, 2008

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US Senate

A Surge of Hate

We are not violent; we wait silently right next to you. Never making a sound, always trying to get along, and waiting. When the time comes we will strike and you won't even know who we are. And you won't even know why, it won’t be hate, we don't even know you. We work in your jobs, make your food, and protect you when you sleep. YOU DON'T F### WITH US! That's all!  (Apr 13, 2010 | post #339)

US Politics

Court overturns FCC's throttling ban against Comcast

And who, pray tell, is responsible for that? Could it be the “regulators”? You know the ones who prevent strip mining and FORCE deep mining in the first place even though they KNOW it will cost people their lives? I thought so! I think it’s high time “We spread around the RISK” that is taken by the average American worker every day. Like occasional tank fire into the Capitol Building! That would me much fairer!  (Apr 8, 2010 | post #105)

US Politics

Court overturns FCC's throttling ban against Comcast

I will be satisfied when I see M1 tanks firing into the capitol building!  (Apr 8, 2010 | post #104)

Wikileaks reveals video showing US air crew shooting down...

Where the H### is Sweden?  (Apr 6, 2010 | post #18)

Top Stories

Corruption Threatens U.S. Afghan Strategy

Than get rid of Obama!  (Apr 1, 2010 | post #2)

Hadron Collider Breakthrough as Beams Collide

And how much did this light show cost?  (Apr 1, 2010 | post #8)

US will host China in sanction talks against Iran

Yes meet Obamas boss!  (Apr 1, 2010 | post #1)

18 Killed In Attacks On Mexican Army Bases

Start cluster bombing Mexico and be done with it!  (Apr 1, 2010 | post #3)

US Politics

Official: Gun Charges After FBI Raids In Midwest

Sorry, NOT GUILTY!  (Apr 1, 2010 | post #362)

US Politics

Gov't to give $600M in housing aid to 5 states

I'm just waiting until I have nothing better to do than hunt politicians!  (Apr 1, 2010 | post #49)

US News

Risk Is Clear in Drilling - Payoff Isn't

I would trust the devil sooner!  (Apr 1, 2010 | post #9)

US News

Geithner Says U.S. Economy Is ' on the Verge' of Job Crea...

Geithner, on the verge of telling the truth.  (Apr 1, 2010 | post #6)

Top Stories

LL Cool J Vs. Sarah Palin? Rapper Takes On Fox News

LL Who J?  (Apr 1, 2010 | post #1)

US News

Obama Proposes Opening Vast Offshore Areas to Drilling

They are here to perform their obligations to the constitution and clean up my mess, that is all! I demand a flying car like the jetsons and I don't give a rats #### what it does to the environment!  (Apr 1, 2010 | post #16)

US News

Illegal immigrant likely killed Arizona rancher

Mine the border!  (Mar 31, 2010 | post #44)

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