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Apr 17, 2008

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Shouldn't it be American-African?

Your thoughts are good but you labor under parochial misinformation... The white race did not try to enslave the blacks from Africa. The whites were looking for cheap labor for developing the resources of the New World and they were able to BUY SLAVES from black slavers in Africa. These black slavers were members of oppossing tribes who sold their captives from land-grabs and other acts of genocide aimed at other blacks in Africa. IF "you" want to get both blacks and whites on the same page now you need to appreciate the truth of the past and the real sources of our history. Quit blaming current whites for acts perpetrated by blacks from history. If you want to be mad at someone for slavery; if you want to get reparations for slavery; if you want to make a difference today about slavery; then you need to accept the source of slavery and acknowledge too that blacks were NOT THE ONLY SLAVES in history (see the Jews in Egypt, see the Caribbean indians after Columbus; see the South American Indians after Cortez, see the North American Indians after Jamestown, and others). Drop the crying towel and get back into the game with a straight head. You need to be hating the Blacks who sold your ancestors into slavery...not the buyers who rescued your ancestors from a hard life in Africa (I been there).  (May 17, 2008 | post #32)

Science / Technology

Evolution: 24 myths and misconceptions

You hit this subject pretty well with one step short of a conclusion. Religion, and in some cases science, are used to fill in the informational gaps in man's existence. The type of religion, or science that anyone embraces depends wholly on what answers gives that person comfort. Face it, we all carry our individual "security Blankets" with us for ever; whether they be in the form of a "boo boo", binky, or solid acceptance of whatever "reasoning " makes you feel safe. The trouble is 1). not being happily secure with your own answers (self doubts are nasty); and 2). to resolve the first issue too many people try to get everyone else behind them as a validation of their own assumptions. Remember, everyone you look at is just hiding an older, uglier three year old inside.  (Apr 20, 2008 | post #35)

Science / Technology

Evolution: 24 myths and misconceptions

BRAVO - Well Said. This is exactly how Al Gore got his Global Warming Story to the Nobel Prize Committee. The trouble with issues like G.W., A.G., and Darwinism are basic...most humans have no concept of the time lapse that takes place in these "cosmic" events. Their little tiny brains just can't fathom the process and their parochial learnings keep them from discovering or accepting new truths. At the same time, the "Nazis" on both sides of the argument don't want to accept that either approach is not mutually exclusive of the other. Grow Up folks...and remember that what you think you know limits what you can learn.  (Apr 20, 2008 | post #32)


Shouldn't it be American-African?

Sorry folks; but, the term African American makes the "African " an adjective as it should be in describing the "type" of American the person is. The bottom line is, and should be, recognizing or acknowledging the person as an AMERICAN. That is what really count's. As is the case for all the Americans, of African origin, who fought in the Civil War - The buffalo Soldiers; the platoons of black AMERICANS who fought in all the wars since; and the Afro-Americans who are fighting in Iraq today. They are AMERICANS FIRST and our respect and thanks to all of them just as we honor and respect AMERICANS OF ALL OTHER ORIGINS. There should not have be a reason for a differentiation among the races if we're all to be considered equal. This is the failing of the whole POLITCALLY CORRECT is trying to racially/ethnicall y/physically/etc. neuter all of us by constantly pointing out the differences. They lost me on that whole concept. More like a bad idea poorly executed. Keep Informed and Don't trust anyone you don't know!  (Apr 18, 2008 | post #5)

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