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Sep 13, 2012

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Hobart, IN

Lake Council votes 4-3 in favor of county option income tax

Can't they use the money added to our Water and sewer bills? We have seen NO sewer plant and its FRAUD to take money and not use it for the purpose it was taken or voted to be used for! It is time to stand up and just say NO MORE TAXES, SURCHARGE, fines, or added cost to accommodate a few greedy. It's much, over the top while we are forced to pay for people refusing to work even after we pay training and educational cost to get them working. They find they might have to use their income to pay the cost of section 8 housing, food, education of their children or even for their water usage? Open your eyes, you see it across the board. If we are forced to pay they should be forced to work and pay for their own.  (Apr 21, 2013 | post #1)