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Jun 8, 2008

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Does God have a son ?

Torah stated that God is one and only, while the gospels said God in the Trinity and that includes Jesus.. While the Quran stated the same as Torah about the 'God is one and only'. Is this statement clear?true (acceptable)? or wrong?  (Jan 22, 2017 | post #2549)


Why does Koran hate Jews and Christians?

In my opinion these matter was refer to the lost people of Isrealites which to only who commit sins...but not to all of the sons of Israel.. Probably for giving the examples for the next generations.. Allah know best..  (Jan 15, 2017 | post #63)


sex in islam

Sorry to say that there were none of the verses in the Quran stated that...or..pls give me its Surah and its verse.. Thanks..  (Jan 11, 2017 | post #2128)


Islamic teachings not in the BIBLE!

..for me.. the people who thought that the Bible were 'something wrong' are smart enough...and please keep on seeking the truth...  (Jan 11, 2017 | post #81)


Who Is Allah?

..and the followers of the Mosaic Law also claimed that He had been worshipped by the earlier people before them.  (Jan 11, 2017 | post #272669)


Who Is Allah?

It could be roughly been traced by almost of the people at least at the time of Mosaic Law.. ( Prophet Moses)  (Jan 11, 2017 | post #272668)


Who Is Allah?

'Allah' is the oldest god and the longest lasting till now that been worship by the humans...  (Jan 11, 2017 | post #272667)