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Jun 17, 2012

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Cal Coast News Publishes false stories of Navy Seal / Nav...

To all those Veterans, the site called Cal Coast News by Karen Velie is posting and spreading lies about a man named Randal Reed being a Navy Seal, being awarded the Navy Cross,Purple Heart etc. On a online bogus story cal coast again falsely says Randall Reed is a Navy Seal (Phony) 5-29-12 in a story Homeless reject parking plan 6-12-12 again online with cal coast news Veteran barred from homeless services, says again Mr. Reed is a Navy recipient of the Navy Cross and the Purple Heart. ( Phony) Mr. Reed is a fraud and fake, he never received the Navy Cross, nor the Purple Heart and was never a navy Seal all which violate federal regulations. Veterans and the public need to know Cal coast is making false and malicious claims to obtain $. The Navy Times is aware of this now. US Naval Investigative Services & FBI All one had to do to check, public records since all Navy Cross and Purple Heart recipients are public records of honor. Mr. Reed is not nor ever has been. He is a wannabe con man. A check with The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor A check with the Military Times Hall of Honor A check with the USN Awards Branch edals plus a dozen more would have proven he is a fraud and thus so is Cal Coast news for bringing dishonor and shame on those who served and were awarded these medals and Mr. Reed is not one of them. His picture can be see in a 6-5-12 story published by the San Luis Obispo Tribune story on Homeless parking. Just for those who are vets, a check was done officially with DOD,USN and the Veterans Admin. Mr. Reed is a fake.  (Jun 17, 2012 | post #1)