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Aug 14, 2012

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Global Infrastructure Development Trading Opportunity Wor...

For your information - 1 NEW PLATFORM TRADING OPPORTUNITY - THE GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM We are pleased to offer qualified Applicants participation in an outstanding high-ranking platform trading opportunity in Western Europe. The trading facility is used to fund vital government infrastructure projects worldwide and is controlled by a prominent European financial institution. The Program has been in operation for over 20 years, and is offered in collaboration with a retired, 30-year veteran officer of a respected world organization. This truly is the "Rolls-Royce " of platform trading opportunities! 4 PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: l One of the foremost active trading platforms in the world l No "trade group" blocking access & siphoning off trading profits l Contract-signing takes place in Applicant's own bank l Bank meeting attended by Applicant and trading platform representative and their respective Bank officers l Trading profits allocated 80% to Applicant - 20% to trading platform l Additional terms and conditions subject to discussion l Applicants needn't move their principal l "Bank-to-Bank " reservation of funds only (No SWIFT's required) l "Job creation" projects are encouraged, but are not mandatory 4 CAPITAL ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: l Minimum $100 Million USD (or Euro equivalent) l Cash funds only - no bank instruments or other assets l The Applicant's funds must be held on deposit in a major, international bank under the Applicant's exclusive ownership and control 4 CONSULTING FEES - PROTECTED STRUCTURE: l Two percent (2%) of the Applicant's trading profits, payable via SWIFT wire transfer. l An NCND Agreement is available upon request. Consultants will receive a copy of the Participation Agreement governing the payment/distributi on of consulting fees once the Agreement has been fully executed and lodged with the trading platform. ==== I look forward to working closely with you and your clients.Provide your contact name and email address,but make sure your client understands and qualifies for program and has the funds to start.Also be direct to the client,no broker chains. Best regards Don C  (Oct 25, 2012 | post #1)

Real Estate

Leader In Land Loans Available

I have a direct access to a tremendous leader in land loan deals and they are offering their new additional loan product,this is one of the few private funds in the country that fund land deals.This is a private fund that only funds land loans in the following states: -Arizona -Colorado -Texas -Georgia -Florida -South Carolina -Southern California -Virginia -North Carolina -Tennessee *This is private hard money loans and the rates are between 13-14%. *Minimum Loan amount: $500K and no maximum loan amount *30-45 Day closings *We require an Executive Summary !!!!If the borrower is looking to purchase land,then the funder requires a Purchase agreement,and PFS(Personal Financial Statement) on the borrower!!!! If you are a land owner and you are looking to refinance and get cash out on your current land,then we will need a summary of the land you own. Also we need to know if land is commercial or residential,and need to know if the land is entitled or raw land. If you are a direct borrower/land owner and need immediate land loan,then provide your contact name and email address and summary of your loan request. Don  (Oct 20, 2012 | post #1)

Real Estate

Loans Against High End Luxury Assets

My direct funder that is based in California,and they are licensed and fully bonded and insured provide for owners of high end assets loans.They loan up to $2MM. Lending can be completed in 24 hours,they provide renewable terms,No credit check,and are very discreet and fast.They provide higher loan to value loans with No installment payment option,and No upfront fees.They also do Title loans,and you must be the direct owner,if the asset is controlled by a trust or foundation then you will need to be named as the beneficiary and we would need evidence of that. If interested,provide your name and email address and what assets you have,we prefer assets here in the USA,but will consider assets worldwide as long as you can get the asset to California. Don  (Aug 25, 2012 | post #1)