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Dec 21, 2010

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Who fascinates you?

people who have dreams and try their best to achieve it^^ http://www.mbtshoe  (Jan 9, 2011 | post #42)

Don't bet on clubs reducing impact of 'preferred' bookies

If Dalglish is replaced in the summer then the man who takes his job had better be successful and he had better be successful quickly. Otherwise the spectre of King Kenny, and the constant murmur of his name, will be round every corner of every corridor he turns at Anfield. Dalglish has made it quite clear that he regrets that decision made 20 years ago when he left the club to take a break from football. He has learned since that, even for a player of his status, giving up the Liverpool manager's job is not something one does lightly because it is not an opportunity that comes along often. Fate has given Dalglish the job for the second time in his life. Considering that he has spent two decades mulling over his decision, it is hard to believe that he will want to walk away so easily once again, especially when it will not take much http://www.mbtshoe progress on the pitch to encourage a great groundswell of fans' support for him to get the job on a permanent basis. Giving Dalglish the Liverpool job was a popular move by Henry that should yield an upturn in the club's fortunes. But Henry has to understand that this is not just a pliable junior coach who can be sent back to the academy once a new man has been found. This is Kenny Dalglish. And he is doing the job he has waited 20 years for. But Stevenage's comfortable 3-1 win over Newcastle United on Saturday showed that these days lower league teams can simply outplay their famous opponents. One of the most curious stories of the weekend was the suggestion that the Football Association wants to ban bookmakers from offering odds on managerial sackings in order to reduce pressure on the poor souls. Given that the bookies offer odds about pretty much anything these days, it would be no surprise if they were to open a book on the likelihood of the FA getting its way. Even Alan Pardew admitted that the League Two team had more energy. Graham Westley's Stevenage players train all day instead of just in the morning which, from a club that officially has been professional only since May, is a sobering lesson for the big boys.  (Jan 9, 2011 | post #1)

What he does will signal how much Michigan has really cha...

As new Gov. Rick Snyder and the newly seated Legislature get down to the business of reinventing Michigan, they've got to put a big target on a tax structure that keeps the state from becoming what it wants to be - a Top 10 state in terms of economic growth. That will take bold moves and tough choices, but it's what must be done. Defenders of the current tax code note that Michigan is at about the middle of the pack in its tax burden. But that's not a good place for a state trying to rise from the very bottom of economic activity lists. Reducing taxes should be a top priority for the new policymakers. There's no ignoring the fact that states like Tennessee, Texas and Florida that have no individual income tax are doing better than Michigan. If Snyder wants to send a big message, his goal should be cutting spending enough to make it possible for Michigan to join their ranks. "If I could make only one bold, dramatic change, I'd http://www.mbtshoe get rid of the income tax entirely," says Rich Studley of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. "What an exciting statement of change that would be." Exciting statements are what Snyder should strive for. He may have one with his plan for replacing the MBT with a 6 percent tax on business profits. Studley says the idea has appeal to his members because they pay taxes only when they make money. The main obstacle is that the profits tax will bring in far less revenue than the MBT, and that's Snyder's intent — to ease taxes on business. The current Michigan Business Tax is nearly as despised as the Single Business Tax it replaced in 2007, particularly because a 22 percent surcharge was tacked on to spare policy makers from painful spending choices. "That surcharge stands as a symbol of our failure to get the budget under control," says economist Patrick Anderson of the Anderson Economic Group in East Lansing. "The MBT with the surcharge is a proven job killer."The surcharge has to go. That will leave Snyder with another $400 million gap in the budget. But as long as the surcharge remains in place, Michigan will not be able to generate the economic activity necessary to put its people back to work and increase overall tax revenue through growth. That's the immediate task. Longer term, Snyder has to come up with a replacement for the Michigan Business Tax, and bold ideas for using the tax code as an economic driver.  (Jan 6, 2011 | post #1)

Ten of the most outrageous animal smuggling attempts

... it is horrible to see those animals in the Asie du Sud-Est countries being killed and the furs are sold. http://www.mbtshoe  (Jan 5, 2011 | post #2)

have no idea if i should quit and travel

well, i am not rich and working now. but i always have a dream to travel a lot when i am young. but i have no courage to give up too many things. however,on the other hand, i have a strong desire to go out and not work everyday. it troubles me frequently recently. no idea. i want to buy a mbt shoes http://www.mbtshoe but then find my money is short for the travel, i really feels bad.  (Dec 28, 2010 | post #1)

Brazilian women too fat, men drink too much: study

but Brazilian women or ladies are really attractive and beautiful.they win many prizes.^^ and they are sexy too. http://www.mbtshoe  (Dec 28, 2010 | post #135)

Woman dies after waking up in coffin

so she was not dead the first time. any reasons explain this? http://www.mbtshoe  (Dec 27, 2010 | post #10)

Bon Jovi

St. Bart's...

have no idea about this.~~ http://www.mbtshoe  (Dec 26, 2010 | post #28)

As Long as Government is Corrupt

Sure,every govenment is protecting their own rights. Poeple in China should have this problem be more serious. It is sometimes strange that why we should live under a govenment? Not only the life but also the business http://www.mbtshoe in that place are awful.  (Dec 22, 2010 | post #2)