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Jul 30, 2011

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Jackal154 is legit

Total scammer! There's another idiot on here, or maybe the same one, going under the name JasperMeds....emails as a woman. Thread also has positive reviews, many in a row, from Providence, Utah! They are using some program called Tor to change locations and the program is screwing up, lol. Not changing locations fast enough. Anyone who sends money is a dumbass!  (Dec 30, 2013 | post #12)

Xanax and many others

What an idiot! Got an email from this alleged "JasperMeds " woman. Total scammer. Another thread on here w a different name has the same "issue" w responses & great reviews from Providence, UT! They are using some program called Tor to hide locations and totally screwing up! Hope no one is stupid enough to send money....  (Dec 30, 2013 | post #23)

Wow! Kratom totally got me off suboxone! it really works

Heard a news report last week that people are having really bad reactions to Kratom, similar to the bath salts, although I haven't heard of anyone biting someone's face off on Kratom, lol. This report had this doctor talking about numerous cases of people coming in w severe muscle rigidity & muscle tremors & twitches. The scary part was that these symptoms were not going away after days of no Kratom & this doc was concerned that these side effects might be permanent. The DEA put out a warning. I would say it was the government trying to scare people, but hearing the doctor talk about seeing it firsthand was kinda creepy. They were saying that at low doses it's like speed & at high doses it's like morphine. Didn't do shit for me!!  (Mar 29, 2013 | post #69)

the truth.Can u really snort subutex??

Yes, some addicts may brag, we call it "war stories". That's why in NA here we're not allowed to say the name of our drug of choice bc war stories are notorious in NA. Rehab was a nightmare w "I did more drugs than you" or if someone said they got sick "Well WE never got sick" type of shit. But I agree w jtiggef that you should work on your relp w your daughter & consider family dynamics & counseling instead of pointing the finger...wouldn't wish w/d on my worst enemy.  (Mar 11, 2013 | post #129)

Kratom for opiate withdrawl

Hmmm, no, not really, I wasn't looking for an incredible high , just something to make me feel not like shit & it didn't help. Might try some of the other kinds or dosages I've heard on here. Someone told me who's been there that if you're completely opiate-dependent, they don't work. Maybe it's too soon. He also said he knows many people who went thru w/d from Kratom! What else, really? :(  (Mar 11, 2013 | post #44)

Imodium... and Zantac... STOP WITHDRAWALS!

Good to know, tx. Even tho it didn't help w w\d, I did feel a bit jacked up, which I hate, & the bottle says, " gives energy". Ya never know how each person will react.  (Mar 11, 2013 | post #3832)

Kratom for opiate withdrawl

No, I haven't, will check it out, thanks.  (Mar 5, 2013 | post #42)

You tube dude died last night

I guess not, lol.  (Mar 5, 2013 | post #5984)

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