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Oct 8, 2007

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The Honolulu Advertiser

Most in Isles skimp on exercise and nutrition

Aloha, Our forefathers such as King Kamehameha, Our Past Warriors or Sufers Such as Duke Kahanamoku, Eddie Aikau and Titus Kinimaka and Heptathlon Gold Medalist, Bryan Clay who cherished their health. The great music composer of Kukuihaele and Waipio Valley, Mr. Sam Li'a, was in Excellent condition to include his later years. Look around at our Leaders in government and compare them to those above. Great Hawaiian Leaders and Warriors were fit and rightfully so and to set a great example while being the Best in Class! A leader who is unfit can't serve the people well as one that displays superior health. Fresh fruit with every meal and eating for Health and not pleasure is great, at the same time, exercise and meditation helps tremendously. Everything in Moderation as too much air or water is not recommended. It's tough sometime and especially when there are so many food choices. We've been blessed in Hawai'i and have nearly every climate in the whole wide world to play with and with that variety comes ample amounts of activities that promote healthier lifestyles. Water sports such as Outrigger Conoeing, Surfing, Body Surfing and Boogie Boarding are fun examples and what our Ali'i engaged in for Recreation First and one of the byproducts are a healthy body, mind, soul and spirit. Hawaiian's should mirror those in our ancient past and strive for a Body of a Great King such as Kamehameha the Great. Hoping for added educational programs for our younger Hawai'i Citizens. With Aloha, Moke Young  (Mar 19, 2008 | post #47)

The Honolulu Advertiser

Taro research ban will threaten ag regionally

Aloha, My grandfather was a Taro Farmer in the Valley of the King's for years and my Dad & relatives showed me what planting and harvesting included. My Auntie Farmed Taro in Kahalu'u too and mentioned that because of the mountain water temperatures, Taro yields suffer. Our governments have even rerouted the water that was supposed to flow on the Windwardside of Oahu Island that created big problems for many. With the loss of pure and cold mountain water we must find better strains while preserving those of the past using our brains. We are mere Beacons in this Life and many of our cutting edge technologies are designed to make many things Better than the last for future generations! I believe that these nay sayers are ignorant to many scientific fact and lack an understanding for the larger pictures in this life. I've tilled the land, studied and practiced the ways of old Hawai'i and have worked with some of the best minds in science for 28 years and I find this article to be like a Joke yet I do undertand that everyone has an opinion. The technical facts concerning this matter are not consistent with what I've learned in science and general life facts. My brothers father-in law in Hawaii was on the team whom crossed a Jalapeno with a Bell Pepper for Pace Picante sauce co. who needed a flavorful pepper and one with the yield of the Bell Pepper and they came up with a hybrid that made so much sense and just a brilliant idea. I beleive that my Kupuna would be happy to hear that Hawaii folks and Horticulture experts produced a Super Taro strain and one fit for a King! Like a super hybrid Taro: "Heavily Rooted and Undisputed! We need ample supplies of Pure Cold Hawaiian Spring water that was diverted!!!!!! That's the battle and not the one the article eludes to. Folklore or Fact? With Aloha, Moke Young  (Mar 19, 2008 | post #49)

The Honolulu Advertiser

Ceded lands settlement bill killed in Senate

Aloha, This issue was beat to death for years and yet there are many who appear to have just awakened as as the Advertiser writes, this plea hold no water. I appluad Mr. Naumu, Meheula and Haunani for working hard to get the agreement to a point where we could move on, roll up our sleeves and hit the ground running. We are stuck in third gear again, swerving like a drunk while our Hawaii communties continue to suffer because of a few knuckleheadscrying foul during the eleventh hour! Where in the heck were your voices a few years ago? You come out of the wood work and claim to be Hawaiian this and Hawaiian that but instead Waha! And yes, still trying to figure out what many forgot. Many keiki will continue to suffer and go without because of blood sucking pompous donkeys. Lead, Follow or get out of the Way! Thank you OHA and all who have helped! I know that the Rev. Dennis Kamakahi would never put his name on the line with OHA if it were mislead. With Aloha, Moke Young  (Mar 18, 2008 | post #57)

The Honolulu Advertiser

Hawaiian leaders urge delay on ceded lands

Aloha, After viewing an informational message on the OHA site, I learned a lot about the subject matter both pros and cons. I a maintain a decent understanding of Haunani Apoliona through my musician friends whom traveled across the USA with her and while meeting her backstage at the Wolf Trap venue, in Washington, DC, I fully trust her judgements and believe that under the cirucumstances and facts, this is a good deal and sets a precedent for future land settlements. My biggest concern is that monies should be put into community infrastructures to provide entities that can produce different forms of income and especially during the tough times ahead. Goodluck to all involved. I got a good feeling concerning the present OHA leaders. I am hoping that we can throw some funds to Waimea Ahupua'a for restoration and improvements to produce a living cultural display. With Aloha, Moke Young  (Mar 17, 2008 | post #80)

The Honolulu Advertiser

Legend of a hero

Aloha, One of Hawaii's finest whom reminds me of Duke Kahanamoku. He achieved so much of what many young kids, including myself, strive for and that being a Proficient Surfer, Great Friend to many, a Good Citizen, a Protector of the Life, Successful Musician, Brave Waterman, a Big Heart and one whom Truly Represented Hawai'i with Class and Aloha. Eddie Aikau did'nt have a bad bone in his body and could bridge the age and racial gaps like Auntie Genoa Keawe, Duke and Don Ho. It's the exact Leadership style that we need in politics. The same kinda effort in life that was not unsurpassed and the kind of person you could'nt help but like and one with great influence with his presence alone. Definitely my Hero and someone I will remember and use to keep my Aloha Spirit in High Gear and at All Times. Ever since reading the book Eddie Would Go that was Autographed and given to me by Jeff Booth, former ASP Surfing Champion, I've been on a crusade to promote Hawai'i and all the good things about it with Aloha. The book clarified a lot for me and authenticated many stories I heard from my pal Buck whom Life Guarded and Surfed with the Big Boy's back in the day. I salute you today with thanks to the family and friends for sharing their stories because the biography remains as the most influential piece I have ever read and one that motivated me in so many ways and bringing a lot of Pride! With Aloha, Moke Young  (Mar 16, 2008 | post #65)

The Honolulu Advertiser

Halema'uma'u Crater spewing sulfur dioxide

Aloha, There were many complaining about the Stryker Units at Pohakuloa regarding DU and even claimed they could see radioavtive particulate in Kona. Well, this is a great example and only one ingredient spewing from Kilauea that can be detrimental depending upon concentration and exposure times. The earth is like a huge nuclear reactor and the age of the earth is the Half Life of Uranium (4.5 Billion Years) that fuels heavy water nuclear reactors. Many don't like to hear about the Polutants and Hazardous Material produced by a Volcano yet we should caution those in the path of the Plume. There are other toxic vapors such as Hydrochloric Acid and Nitric Acid as mentioned by a previous post. I agree that an Advertiser follow-up article could educate many and put other concerns into proportion. With Aloha, Moke Young  (Mar 15, 2008 | post #8)

The Honolulu Advertiser

Community can help keep classrooms cool

Aloha, I like the article for the fact that it addresses Community. This does not release those accountable regarding this inconsistency but instead, I see those who are, and they know who they are, should seriously consider relinquishing their posts and let those with will and iron clad nerves take over. In Hawaii, we learn to respect others and be there in times of need and this example should be noted as the Cry that was muffled by In-Humane Treatment of Children in a Learning Institution and failure of Government Leaders to provide help in the Spirit of Aloha. They say in life that What Goes Around Comes Around and in many cases; ten fold. It does not take a Genius to figure out how to secure monies or setup a system to intiate fund raising. I don't see how folks can live with themselves knowing that they are slow baking our kids in classroom ovens. This is only ane reason why our country is in need of change. We have priorities out of order and timid leaders. IN business, many see their employees as their biggest asset and in this case our kids occupy the backseat. Hoping for our government to get the ball rolling and produce a capture plan to organize a funding campaign in the immediate future. Hang in there folks and let this be a great life lesson. My Mom use to tell me that Only my immediate Family will be there when in need and not your friends, associates, co-workers nor strangers and not even our governments. With Aloha, Moke Young  (Mar 14, 2008 | post #1)

The Honolulu Advertiser

Raymond Kane leaves legacy of music, aloha

Aloha, One of the finest Hawaiian Music proponents is named George Winston, founder of Dancing Cat Records. Dancing Cat Records has been a silent supporter of Hawaiian Slack Key and formidable artists such as Raymond Kane while gliding undetected by many under Radar. Without this support, Hawaiian music would not be the frontrunner of all Folk Music categories in a Pan American sense. Mahalo’s to George Winston! http://www.dancing Raymond Kane pioneered the Kihoalu or Hawaiian Slack Key with the support of Dancing Cat and taught many about his trade while providing indirect influence as well enlisting future masters of Kihoalu ever so important to preservation. AM940 and Sam Kapu Jr. in particular have done a fine job with updates noting today’s funeral services times as well as for Genoa Keawe. The passing of powerful Life influences can have tremendous impact that has me reeling and wondering when I’ll play again in front of a small crowd and the thought, lighting a Fire under my butt and for good reason. I am hoping too that other Hawaiian Music enthusiasts will consider diving in head first and no matter what your experience level may be because many appreciate the distinct sound that remains Captivating and a Beautiful compliment to Life. It’s a very good time to say Thank You to all of Our Hawaii Artist back home and across the Globe for doing what you do and especially during our immediate future that will deliver many challenges and hardtimes. We can surely use your healing power with music and no one exempt in need of the finest remedies. Mahalo Uncle Ray for your Gift of Music and for Representing with Class Hawaiian Style! Me ka oia I o, Moke Young  (Mar 12, 2008 | post #10)

The Honolulu Advertiser

House wiretap bill can clarify security issues

Aloha, If you have nothing to hide then why worry about a wire tapped line? If it were banned we'd still have a NYS Governor riding on a high horse while cheating on his wife. Also, during these times with corruption of all sorts, we need this option to rid our governments of Bad Blood and those whom speak with "Forked Tongue." When you really look at the matter with a Microscope, we have very little privacy anyway's and if you live by "Aloha", that Open Heart Mannerisn, you worry little about who's listening, what others think or what could have been. Let's keep wire taps as a viable option for our government and those agencies in need to keep the crooked souls guessing at all times. Also, many professionals don't conduct business over the lines anyways learning from past history. With Aloha, Moke Young  (Mar 12, 2008 | post #1)

The Honolulu Advertiser

Upgrading the high school diploma, again

Aloha, If this program and new diploma include notable accredidation, the educational achievement will surely better prepare students for higher educational experiences, expedite the process and provide a tuition savings on the top of everything else. I attended Radiation Protection School at Pearl Naval Shipyard as a young man and it was a very fast paced course that was demanding and at times I did'nt think it was worth the effort while attending college at night three times a week. This demanding learning experience, in the long run, helped me to attain better learnig and coping skills that made a difference competing in a technical field across America while living far away from friends & family that takes great coping skills. I believe that a fast paced regimented and demanding learning experience will benefit many but not all. An example of an extremely demanding educational experience is that of our Nations US Naval Nuclear Power School that is designed to weed out the weak and promotes candidates with promising leadership skills. Along with a Super Diploma should be the Industrial Studies curriculum that provides HS students with an opportunity to learn a Trade in preparation for the workforce after HS. In NYS its called BOCES. This a nice conceptual design by DOE that should be put out for public review & comment through community avenues for constructive input. The gift of education and the option of absorbing more information while attending HS is a great opportunity that should not be taken for granted nor ignored because without it as a minority especially, it makes the road to success much more complicated unless you are lucky, at the same time, many find that their Luck stems from great preparation a great lesson from the Boyscout program. With Aloha, Moke Young  (Mar 12, 2008 | post #10)

The Honolulu Advertiser

HPD - Good, Bad or Ugly

Aloha, Thanks for the laugh Paul! Like most professions, theres always two types; the Professional and one merely in a profession. Answer: Good My Uncle was a strict HPD Lt., at the same he was an outstanding human being whom looked after my Mom. Hawai'i Police were very good in my neighborhood in Kaneohe in the 1970's and would not throw the book at you provided you told the truth. If there was a hint of you lying, your're done. I had numerous warnings that could have been a pain and I am thankful for the gestures. My friends were HPD too and they were cool and not the arrogant tight jawed type. As one person mentioned, there are those who love the influence of power and include Attitude into the mix that just makes many disrespectful. In my neighborhood, the Police were Bad just looking to harass folks with DUI's and went out of their way to screw with many. Lately though, I've noticed a change and many appear to a bit more friendly and focused on the right things instead of chicken poop. Now I know where the windward cops are. What about Town brahdah Paul? With Aloha, Moke Young  (Mar 12, 2008 | post #64)

The Honolulu Advertiser

Students rally for air conditioned classrooms

Aloha, Here's another fine example of p_ss poor management placing blame on funding vice accepting the fact that they are endangering the health of young citizens through heat exhaustion. BY they way, younger folks are very much more susceptible to many health related hazards and exessive heat is one of them Why do you think people go to Jail for leaving children in a vehicle. This is no different. Student's in our Nation don't need to wish for or walk the pavement at Bandini Towers to asked for a leanring environment at roo, tenperature and that being ~72 degrees at 1 atm. Learning institutions are set-up to allow our children to learn right from wrong and APPLY various skills in accordance with established learning criteria. There are also rules, procedures and lessons leanred that specify specific and ideal learning conditions to include temperature extremes in relation to humidity and barometric pressure and staytimes under extreme conditions are mandated by OSHA yet the rules set-up for adults. You're essentially BAKING our Kids in an Oven!!!!!!! Please awaken from your deep sleep and do the sensible thing. Hoping for better learning conditions and not substandard and INHUMANE treatment. Where in the heck is social services or CPS? They must be sleeping too?? With Aloha, Moke Young  (Mar 12, 2008 | post #42)

The Honolulu Advertiser

Isle schools will offer new 'super diploma'

Aloha, Any organization should raise the Bar in a controlled fashion and a super diploma is a great goal for those students who are exceptional needing additonal challenges and to keep a solid regiment going that will be necessary for college. My eldest daughter was in the accelerated program for four years in HS and it made a difference in her maturity and kept her sharp. She is very decisive and the regiment in HS helped her confidence tremendously. My middle girl was different and not a barn burner like the older one and did'nt take extra regents HS courses. My youngest girl in HS is on the accelerated program and preparing herself for a Science degree through regents and sports and as a parent, I feel really lucky to have college preparatory courses in HS. We have the BOCES program in NY that is setup for those seeking craftsman skills that I love that resource understanding that others excel by the use of their hardworking demeanor and hands-on skills. This is where my middle girl would benefit since she wants to run a small business and become an entrepreneur. DOE should focus on the big ticket items on their plates first because there are other pressing items that need to be resolved and a great start would be to finance school and community fund raising programs to buy our kids air conditioners, swamp coolers and fans to promote learning. With Aloha, Moke Young  (Mar 12, 2008 | post #36)


Sam Choy makes an 'ono salad

Aloha, I wanted to add the biggest message I got from Chef Paul. He mentioned how important it was to take your time browning meat before adding other ingredients to ensure that the carmelization process is in full swing because this where you captalize and create full flavors and a signature of fine cooking. I try to remind myself regularly to add extra time for cooking so that I will not rush and bring about exciting taste and where I believe the Love is added! I have two Cajun's that have helped me over the years and my friend Sam LeBlanc told me to try using two cans of brown gravy instead of making rue for Gumbo and I tell you what, it adds some kind of Awesome taste and especially for chicken gumbo and gumbo meaning "Okra" in the African language. I guaruntee......... .eeeeeeeee Justin Wilson! Sip, sip ahhh........dat was fine tasting wine I tell you........uuuu... For some reason, when I think of Sam Choy, I think of Seared Ahi Poki! With Aloha, Moke Young  (Mar 11, 2008 | post #2)

The Honolulu Advertiser

Schools must get grip on campus discipline

Aloha, This is a National, State, Federal and Parental issue and not one that places blame on one or two parties. It's OUR problem as Americans. There are so many contributing factors as was written about during the past two weeks. Don't forget about our society and media influences with Sex and Violence. Where do you get your writing info! We are lucky that another Columbine HS tragedy did not occur YET...... So............befo re you single out the Parents you should consider all of the players including the HPD! We need everyones input and attention here with ALL Accountable Parties stepping up to the plate to hit one over the fence instead of throwing stones at the kids and their parents. It's obvious that some adults have not grown up either and need old fashion detention duty. Hoping for Community Action Statewide because more serious outcomes are in the wings if we continue to point the finger. One of the hardest things to do in this Life is to point the finger back at yourself and when one really looks at a given situation with an open mind to include a fix, there is always something we could have done for the sake of prevention. Many folks too are afraid of rocking the boat for one reason or another that does not help either. Let's hit a Homerun! With Aloha, Moke Young  (Mar 11, 2008 | post #1)

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