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Nov 1, 2012

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Trasmissin Corporation of America - Clinton Hwy

Please DO NOT take your vehicle here. They (at least in my case) have misrepresented the fact that they supposedly replaced my transmission not just once, but twice due to me taking my car home and the problem I came in with recurring within hours of leaving there. After taking it to a different shop, it was found that they never even replaced the transmission, yet I paid them $1900 for it plus gearshift control cables. They also let me leave there three separate times in a car that could have had a seized up transmission and put my life in danger, along with my 5 year old AND my unborn child (Wendy was well aware of BOTH facts). Go to Ace Transmissions or AAMCO! Ace fixed mine on the first try even though I had to pay then $2000. That's not their fault. I have no problem paying for something done correctly. I am hopig to recoup my money. If I am not able to, then my son's Christmas is ruined!  (Nov 1, 2012 | post #1)