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Dec 23, 2012

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Wentzville, MO

pats automotive

Thank you. Appreciate the comment  (Jan 1, 2013 | post #3)

Wentzville, MO

pats automotive

If you have taken your vehicle to this man. Please think twice. This man has had my car in his shop 3 times. Stating that the work is complete and my car is safe for my 16yr old daughter to drive. Costing me the first time $769. When almost wrecking it, bc he says he supposedly fixed the stabilizer bars and the control arms, and replaced 1(one) brake shoe. Knowing u have to replace all brake shoes to balance out the quality of the car. Admitting that he was not the one who fixed the car, it was one of his teen mechanics. Keep in mind that he said "HE" fixed my car. Even states he took it home and drove it. Then charged me another $565.... Of which now I'm refusing to pay. Why! Bc the car doesn't want to kick over now. Didn't have that problem before. Last night he placed my daughter in harms way when it locked up and she skidded, without the brakes being applied. And now my left back end sits lower than right back end. This man does not know how to fix anything but change a tire. When I asked him my neoprene bushings were on my car? He wanted to know how I knew they were neoprene! I'm not an idiot! Been around cars all my life! This man will rip u off, and buckle and some you if he thinks your just a dumb woman. That's what he thought until he met me. See you in court PATS AUTOMOTIVE! My lawyer is waiting! My daughter was driving it, and  (Dec 23, 2012 | post #1)

Wentzville, MO

Pats Automotive Rip Off

BEWARE! Pats Automotive in Wright City, MO! Do NOT take your vehicle to this man. I have spent $1300 on my car. Refusing to pay $565 of the $1300 bc this man has had my car twice in his shop. Almost caused my car to wreck on the 61/70 interchange. After he said he fixed it. Took it back. Then he doesn't fix it in the time frame he said he would and I miss two days of work. When he says that it is fixed and in top shape, good for the winter and safe for my 16yr old to drive. He lied! She freaked out when it auto locked up and skidded her last night. Could have caused her to wreck and potentially lose her life and her friends life. Now the man wants to sue me for the $565, that I still have no working car, he didn't fix what he said he did and its worse off now than when I took it to him. It has been towed to Firestone in Lake St Louis, where it is getting thoroughly checked out, and estimated on what it's going to cost to fix what PATS AUTOMOTIVE said he fixed. All so I can meet with my lawyer and fight the $565 he is suing me for that I refuse to pay. If you have encountered automotive issues with PATS AUTOMOTIVE IN WRIGHT CITY MO, please place ur comments. They will be taken to my lawyer for review.  (Dec 23, 2012 | post #1)

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