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Sep 18, 2012

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Orlando, FL

Global Peace Film Festival - Winter Park FL

"How can a little girl's life be changed if she is given easy access to clean water? For most of us, fresh water is a tap away. For others, it's an arduous daily journey. For every human, water is life" This must-see short film by director Shawn Small documents the difficult journey Sudanese people must take to obtain a natural necessity in life that many of us take for granted: the essential need for water. The film has two showings: Wednesday, September 19th @ 7:30 PM -330 Winter Park Plaza AND Thursday, September 20th, 6:00 PM -Winter Park Public Library Ticket Cost- $8 for ticketing and general information on the film go to: http://globalpeace m/2012/films/ruwat erislife_shawnsmal l_globalpeace2012  (Sep 18, 2012 | post #7)