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Jan 11, 2012

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South Milwaukee, WI

Who do you support for Governor in Wisconsin in 2010?

Gov. Walker is a strait shooter. He hasn't hid anything that he was or is intending to do. He is an honest man, bold, and for the people of Wisconsin. He puts WISCONSIN's well being before his own. I think that he is doing a wonderful job, it's to bad so many want to spoil a good thing. Don't know why, it's helped so many more people than they even know. Half of the people out there's against him don't even know why. I have asked DOZENS of the recall "sig getters" and they just through a generic statement out that they can't even back up with facts " he's ruining our state", HOW ? "he's just trying to make himself rich" WHAT? "he's just like Hitler" COME ON, REALLY?... These literally are the answers I have been getting... Wow.. And it only takes 500,000 people to want a recall after not even a full year in office. I asked them of they voted the first election..."I didn't have time", "That's not the point", "why does that even matter", "I didn't want to vote for the lessor of two evils".... So don't vote.. Just wait until a man with some good ideas gets elected, then protest and ask for a recall.. That's getting it done, costing tax payers millions more to see this thru.. Don't make no sence. Sure some people were effected by some of the things that Gov. walker has implemented, but that will happen no matter who is in office. If he does get "recalled " and the "Democrats " do end up in office, should the right ask for a recall after 9 months if they don't like what the new gov. Is doing? Bad president being made here. Very very bad.. GOOD LUCK to Scott Walker in defending himself against serious personal attacks as well as political attacks. Pure shame on the 500,000 + Wisconsinites that are attempting to make this happen. Including Mickey Mouse and Hitler !  (Jan 11, 2012 | post #4490)

South Milwaukee, WI

Do you approve of Mark Honadel as State Assembly Member?

Leadership abilities, knows the job well..  (Jan 11, 2012 | post #1)