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Mar 7, 2011

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Utica, NY

Searching for William Donald Hart's children and history....

My father was William Donald Hart (1/1/25 to 12/26/13). His mother's name was Marguerite and his father's name was LEO. I believe my dad also lived in NYC for a while. He was in wwii also. He grew up in Utica and New Hartford on Cornwall ave and Sycamore Drive. My father was 50 when he had me and he lived quite a life before me. He was related to Nancy Lewicki she is his sister. He had sisters named Patty and IDK the other ones name.Maybe trudy. Those sisters i think moved to california. He had a brother Ronald and Sparry. My father was a mechanic by trade and he ran the Green Lantern on Oneida Square for many years. I received a phone call one time from a guy (my brother) who told me that my dad was his dad. I believe his name was John Hart and he is an FBI agent in New Jersey. He said he had a brother Tracy Hart and a sister Debbie Hart, I know my father had a daughter named Debbie Hart because apparently before I was born, he brought her to live with my mother in Pennsylvania. Then a few years back, a woman died from Clinton. and it was my father's wife. She left behind quite a few children some left in Clinton and I think from a few other places. I had to go to social security over her so I know he had children with her too. I think there was even a william hart jr. I believe she left a daughter in Clinton. When I asked my father how many kids he had, he told me he honestly had no clue. Said he thinks his first set of kids were twins. I am so interested in finding out about my father's life and meeting my siblings. Please help me find out any information.  (Apr 16, 2014 | post #1)