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Jul 19, 2013

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Paragould, AR

Boy air lifted from Paragould Water Park

You people are crazy, who cares where the lifeguards were. Where the hell were the parents or caretakers of this special needs kid! My kids don't have any special needs and I would NEVER take my eyes off them at a pool or water park under any circumstance! They are lifeguards not babysitters!!!  (Jul 20, 2013 | post #30)

US Politics

Race in America: Why are blacks being seen as racists?

That is the great advantage of college towns! Diversity thrives in them and in my books they are the best place to raise biracial children. Everything is a little more expensive but it is well worth it!  (Jul 20, 2013 | post #915)

US Politics

Race in America: Why are blacks being seen as racists?

There are racist people of all colors. I being a Caucasian female married to a African American man have seen both sides of that. My husband once had a job where the two Caucasian guys he worked with would stand around and talk all night leaving my husband to do almost all the work. However he left that place of employment for a wonderful job and all is well. Sure sometimes when we walk into an area that is dominantly Caucasian he will be looked at suspiciously at first until people talk to him and relax. Then you have the opposite end of the spectrum where on numerous occasions I have had racist comments yelled at me when I've entered dominantly African American areas. Even to a point where two African American women busted our car window out. His family however has welcomed me to their family and we get along very well. As have my family with him. I have seen his friends turn on him because he is doing well in life and has a Caucasian wife, where my friends who were skeptical at first accepted him when they realized that he was a good man. The moral of this story is that in my 10 years of marriage the only time there have ever been racist slurs or aggression it was by African American perpetrators. For these reasons I refuse to allow my biracial children grow up in dominantly African American neighborhoods where success-fullness is a reason to scorn, where marrying outside of your race is a reason for violence and name calling, where the underlying mentality is that the world is to blame for continual bad decision making and the inability to rise above the circumstances you were born into. I do strongly believe in exposing my children to the African side of their heritage though and make sure that his family is as much a factor in their lives as mine is. They go to a dominantly Caucasian school and in the 5 years they have been there they have not experienced any form of racism.  (Jul 19, 2013 | post #906)