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Jan 12, 2013

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Averill Park, NY

Healthy For The New Year

In addition found in the Times Union are a few more tips: -Have a broth based soup loaded with vegetables and beans before the main course one night a week. -Many have heard but always use olive, canola, and other vegetable oils instead of butter. -Eat a tomato every day -And snack on nuts instead of chips!  (Jan 12, 2013 | post #2)

Averill Park, NY

Healthy For The New Year

As 2013 starts out many people are again vowing to eat healthier as always. But the question looms, who really can and will? Sticking to a plan is the most difficult thing especially with so many distractions, delicious things, and of course technology around us. So how exactly do you stay on a diet and get fit? 1) First off you must keep it all realistic. Saying you're going to do an extensive amount of exercise and dieting will only stop you. Because once you mess up you won't want to continue. 2) Actually fit it into your routine. Don't say what you're going to do without having a time and place for it. 3) Be specific! If you are vague it will discourage you when the time comes and you have to plan even further! But even small things can have a huge impact if you can practice patience and routine. Remember, you're only human!  (Jan 12, 2013 | post #1)

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