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Aug 16, 2012

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Cibolo, TX

The Death of my Dad Ron Pollard

Clearly someone doesn't know what an autopsy report is ,nor a coroners report, and not even a police report! It's weird how someone can say they were his daughter, it wasn't by blood, and you hadn't seen him in a long time , and as I recall when you did see him it was usually to ask for if you are going to print something , print the truth . As for the crazy wife, that's my mother! And she was involved with Ron over 8 years before they were married! And for someone who supposedly loved Ron , I bet you didn't know he was terminally ill! And I don't remember anyone besides my mother caring for him..loving him, washing his clothes, cooking for him, feeding his dogs ,cleaning his home ,and doing her duties as his other half. The Citizens of Cibilo should be ashamed of themselves, especially those of you who sit in that church house on Main st. and claim to be scorn a widow with no thought of her fellings...Let Ron rest in peace , and let my mother live in peace...there has been enough pain already....I will pray for all of you tonight!  (Aug 16, 2012 | post #9)