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Apr 28, 2012

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Morehead, Ky / Dickson, Tn


Dickson, Tn

When I'm Not on Topix:

I am a wife to the handsome Allen, am a mom of 4 mostly grown kids, Grandmother to Baby Jack,& do nursing with handicapped people.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I want justice for Baby Jack Stark!!

I'm Listening To:

NPR, TPain, Alison Krauss,

Read This Book:

The Outlander Series by Diana Gaboldon

Favorite Things:

My family..ALWAYS, chocolate, BBC, Walking/Hiking, Comedy movies, and Fried Chicken.

On My Mind:

I love my family and am trying to help them through the loss of our sweet baby, am asking God to give us the strength to bear it with grace.

I Believe In:

My Lord Jesus Christ, the power of love to heal, laughing through your tears, and the US Judicial System.