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Jul 23, 2008

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Police: Graffiti stops after teens questioned - Sentinel ...

If they are under age and get caught (Tagging),Then by all means enforce community service on them,,there are alot of jobs these taggers can do to improve our city, giving them community service might just make them see how important OUR city is !If they arent old enough to work then free work is a good way for them to pay back!Lord knows we need alot of help Here in Fitchburg!~~~  (Nov 1, 2008 | post #2)

Sentinel & Enterprise

Gunman robs Fitchburg shop - Sentinel & Enterprise

THats not even funny! what if that was ome of your Family members that was working there that night,,,, ,,,did you not read it was what looked like a gun!Thank goodness no one was hurt!~~~~~~  (Nov 1, 2008 | post #2)

Sentinel & Enterprise

Leominster house appears on 'Ghost Hunters' - Sentinel & ...

We saw the show, it was fantastic, so neat to have something like that Local , I would have loved to actually see the inside of this house ,,,I think they did a great job,maybe more investigating will put a close on what ever happened in that house  (Nov 1, 2008 | post #12)

Sentinel & Enterprise

Lunenburg selectmen expel pitbulls - Sentinel & Enterprise

wow ,,this is sad, I own a dog and a cat ,,, and my dog is part terrier,,,and he has never killed or harmed any small animal, yes he chases my cat (they are both indoor )but has never harmed him, I also owned a pit pull who was nicer than my terrier /pug i have now, my thing is DOGS BARK!,,he is sorry he said for the noise, well...........reg ardless he should have been at that meeting , and if this is a long going issue then why hasnt somehting been done,Maybe he isnt a responsible dog owner, but why was it documented before and nothing done,??,,,and why are those dogs still there??? If i lived somewhere that i couldnt use the beach ,I would be down right mad also,,,as for the animal shelters taking them ,,,hmmm ,,thats ajoke,,,,its not like you see on tv ,,,around here they dont help you,and its partly the city ,,,75 dollars per cat , and then put them to sleep because they are over crowded,I know because i have an apointment tuesday to take in 2 strays and they want 150 dollars,I dont know of this man but I feel for the dogs,and now he will use bark control collars ??/ UGH ,,,thats just sad,you cant breed dogs and then put bark control collars on all of them just to keep them quiet,,,appearentl y he really doesnt care if he loses because if he did and was concerned because he is a single parent then he would have been at that meeting to voice his opinions and concerns,,(if it was me i would have been there if i had a complaint like this on me),thats just my opinion as a dog owner, no way in hell i would breed a dog to have puppies to have to put bark control collars on them , thats cruel and shameful,,if i read that wrong then I apoligise, If i read that right , someone please get those dogs out of there!  (Aug 7, 2008 | post #81)

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Remains ID'd as Fitchburg woman - Sentinel & Enterprise

Time will soon Tell, Reading some of these comments amazes me, I have been a Family friend for along time, Tena ,my heart and feelings are with you and the kids,,,from one mother to another ,,,we are all thinking about you all,,,,I hope they are able to give you the information you need so you all can have closure and let Sharon rest,,,my heart is there with you,,,  (Jul 25, 2008 | post #52)

Sentinel & Enterprise

Less than $2.50 a week could help Fitchburg schools - Sen...

Sure it can happen,,$2.50 a week is beans when it comes to helping out the School system,,, I Think its an awesome Idea,,I have 1 child still in the school system and now 4 Grandchildren(2 in school)Anything that helps them is well worth it!  (Jul 23, 2008 | post #2)

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