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Jul 24, 2013

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Springfield, TN

Springfield won't seek $20,000 in lost fees

As Arnold stated above, Mr. Hall made decisions that he was not authorized to make. At least that is what I learned from reading the huge front page article about him in our Robertson County Times. Perhaps you read a different article. And I wouldn't call that stealing. I would call that overstepping his bounds - which might even be what Mr. Hall said but I don't have the paper in front of me so don't consider that a direct quote. Stealing would be if Mr. Hall sent that equipment out to his home and dug himself a nice big swimming pool instead of incorrectly charging the wrong account for work done to better this city. If you proofread your statement you would understand my reference to ignorance. Lastly, as a community, we should be "appauld " at all the unsolved murders and violent crimes in Springfield. I guarantee more of our tax dollars are spent "fighting " crime and funding an ineffective court/jail system then what could have been saved if these projects had been charged correctly. The big stories in this town should be about cracking down on crime instead of dragging an individual through the mud.  (Oct 2, 2013 | post #5)

Springfield, TN

Springfield won't seek $20,000 in lost fees

I think you should find out all the facts before you start making ignorant comments.  (Oct 1, 2013 | post #2)

Springfield, TN

Monica Aldrich

She's locked up. Check the Robertson County Jail website.  (Jul 24, 2013 | post #2)