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Sep 7, 2007

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Cartersville, GA

Fatal Crash on Hwy. 20

I was stuck in this horrible traffic as well on Saturday. I thought it was probably a fatality. Very sad. There have been a lot of motorcycle related deaths on Hwy. 20. Some of them drive like they are invincible! Not saying that is what happened with this man but I have seen it before and I am amazed. Prayers to the family....  (Jan 15, 2008 | post #5)

Kingston, GA

41 arrested in orchestrated bust

THis is in response to "The Illegal"'s comments. YOU are right that not all illegals are here committing crimes but if you ARE here ILLEGALLY then YOU ARE breaking the law. I know alot of you are very hard working and just want a better life for your family. BUT, there are alot of people who have to wait to come to this country legally- why should other's get to come illegally?? I have a really big problem with this amnesty bill! I do not know what the solution is to get rid of all the illegals. I wish there was someway to cut off their freebies.... i.e. Medicaid, TANF, Peachcare.... and kick them the hell out!! BUT, in reality that may not be possible. Hence, the Amnesty Bill. I DO think that we should have the military patrol the borders. Maybe that would work. STOP them from sneaking in! This is a huge underground business .... there are people who make a fortune helping illegals get over here and set up with id's. ANd I am sure there are others...  (Sep 26, 2007 | post #21)

Woodstock, GA

Woodstock Man Accused Of Beating Infant

Lock this monster up and throw away the key! He needs to NEVER be allowed to be around children ever again!!!!!!  (Sep 26, 2007 | post #1)

Kingston, GA

country western bars

None that I know of in C'ville. There is a Dance club/Bar in Kennesaw called Cowboys.  (Sep 26, 2007 | post #2)

Cartersville, GA

Any news on missing Steve Lanskster

On November 18th, Stephen Lankester Cox will have been missing for 3 long years. It has been three years since his mother has kissed, hugged, seen or even heard her oldest son's voice. He is presumed dead by the police and rumors of his horrible murder run rampant around this area. His mother has had to endure stories of how her son died and told where his remains might be only to find nothing. The police say that probably 100 people know what happened to him but they are all "dopeheads " with no credibility or are too cowardly to come forward with any REAL information. There is not enough evidence against one person to build a case. There are a few "key players" in custody right now and they are being questioned. One of them has "lawyered up". Sherron (Steve's mother) waits on pins and needles to hear any new information. This case has been made more complicated by alleged police corruption. Sherron just wants to know where her son's remains are. She knows justice may never be served here on Earth. She knows God will deal with those involved much, much more harshly. I pray that someone will come forward with some new information or that someone who is involved with have some mercy on this mother and confess. I have lit a candle in memory of Stephen Lankester Cox. You can do the same by going to the following link: http://www.gratefu enter.cfm?l=eng I listed mine under SLC.  (Sep 25, 2007 | post #46)

Bartow County, GA

What is up with the Missing Men in Bartow/Cherokee???

bump  (Sep 10, 2007 | post #6)

Bartow County, GA

What is up with the Missing Men in Bartow/Cherokee???

There are at least 4 Missing men in these counties that all disappeared around the same time. Stephen Lankester Cox 11/18/04 Robert Lee Ashworth II 3/12/05 Clyde Daniel Stewart 3/31/05 Sam Ryan Martin 12/18/05 They were all around the same age, height and weight..... Coincidence??  (Sep 7, 2007 | post #1)

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