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Sep 10, 2013

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Tokyo Electric Power Company Admits Fukushima Failures

Lies, lies and nothing here but lies! Another poor attempt to powder over people's minds and to stem the wave of unrest and anger over the nuclear issue. Advise: do not ever believe and wait any presents from energy barons just not to meet pity disappointment in future! Well, let me even slightly to open that hidden secret. If it ever happens and Japan gets back in Northern territories, gets back the Kurile Islands... the Tokyo Electric Power already got all papers signed allowing them to use backed Northern territories for another Nuclear power plant construction and YES with the same reactors, operating currently in Fukushima. The project is ready, it does really exist in paper and been already sold to the country's authorities! Please don't ask me where I got it, I just want you to know it as well. Those nuclear moneymakers... here and there they sing these songs that they are going to shut down their death breathing reactors in Japan... but in fact... behind the scenes they are currently striving to push by all means up the "Northern territories" issue and to receive another ground to widen their deadly business and to roll in profits.  (Sep 10, 2013 | post #2)